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Zaydok Ben Israel on Misconceptions about Hebrew Israelites


With the reveal of Kendrick Lamar’s identity as a “Hebrew Israelite” on his most recent album release, the topic has been on the mouths, and in the ears of people on the many sides of urban culture. In a previous interview, DJ Wade-O chopped it up with Rasool Berry on the beliefs of this culture/worldview. This time through, Wade-O talks with Hebrew Israelite Zaydok Ben Israel, who reached out to him, to get further information on this deep subject.

[2:45] – What Hebrew Israelites really claim
[5:00] – Who are the ethnic descendants of the biblical Israelites
[6:12] – The reality vs. What we see on the internet
[8:30] – New York City Hebrew Israelite culture
[11:15] – Zaydok’s personal beliefs
[12:33] – Conflict amongst Hebrew Israelite camps
[13:27] – Why Zaydok believes he is a descendant of the Israelites of the Bible.
[16:53] – Views on the European depiction of Jesus and Christianity
[18:40] – Discussion of the ethnic portrayals of Jesus
[19:40] – How Zaydok was introduced to Hebrew Israelites
[24:10] – Zaydok’s stance on his status as a Hebrew Israelite
[25:12] – How Zaydok came up with his name
[29:32] – Addressing a comment from the Facebook Live comment feed
[32:44] – The unfair grouping of all Hebrew Israelites
[36:00] – Biblical evidence of Hebrew Israelites being of different backgrounds
[38:10] – The bottom line regarding the definition of Hebrew israelites
[39:50] – Does Zaydok practice Jewish customs and why?
[44:10] – Does the Law save us?

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Executive Produced by DJ Wade-O
Footage Shot by Seb Young of Epic Hip-Hop
Video Edited by JBTZ XCLSV
Audio Edited by Daniel Cody of Man of God Productions
Graphic Elements by JBTZ XCLSV

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