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Young Noah & Plain James Join Forces, Set to Drop New Album ‘Dirty Work’


ATLANTA, GA – Everybody has a story. For rappers Young Noah and Plain James, their lives and testimonies are just morsels of God’s wonders. William Noah Bohannon, a homeschooled young boy, grew up in a strict, Christ-centered household. The inevitable peer pressures and influences of the world caused him to drift from the Lord, but his Christian roots brought him back. The self-professed thug chose a life that would glorify God and be an example to his loved ones.

James Dollard developed a love for hip-hop and rap at an early age. But even with local successes and moderate fame, he knew what he was truly missing that no music could satisfy. James diligently sought after God, and with the help of Noah, turned his love of rhymes into Christian rap. Young and Plain was birthed.

The two soon became co-founders of “Dirty Work Ministries,” with a mission to ‘take the Gospel of Jesus Christ beyond the walls of the church, while also edifying struggling believers within the body of Christ.’ Undoubtedly, the Atlanta twosome will continue to reach nations with their international ministry.

“See, what’s so great about rap is that it’s almost like a sermon. I think it’s the most direct way you can communicate through music,” Noah said. Their album, “Dirty Work,” is a culmination of their testimonies and everyday dealings as Christians. It is slated to release soon by For more information, check out

Dirty Work Cover Art

Young and Plain Cover

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