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Yaves Reveals ‘In Winter’s Ear’ Tracklisting, Cover Art & Release Date


Yaves To Release In Winters Ear 2.10.15

Listen to their music you see where they get their style from/ all these false kings-corner stores is where their crowns from/ momma always told me “boy them clowns you stay from ‘round them” they not on your wavelength they step up then you drown them…”

Yaves cautiously spouts on the heavy drum coated track of “Rumble Young Man”. It’s 12:35 a.m. and we are witnessing the seventh hour of a session that has birthed four works of art. Late nights like this at his Columbus based studio compound are common for the Ohio bred emcee; however the energy of this project is far from the norm. The energy is consistent and the momentum can be seen in vivid form on the ‘In Winters Ear’ extended trailer that was released via Youtube.

Yaves has enlisted a solid team to help craft the look and feel of ‘In Winters Ear.’ From the production down to the direction of the artwork, this project has been the perfect storm where strategy collides with organic creation. To help with the sonic outcome of the EP Yaves linked up with Texas based Grammy nominated (Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP 2) engineer Maurice “Malex” Alexander. The two began to build a relationship after meeting in October of 2014. The two have created a consistent workflow ever since, which is sure to increase the output of new music from Yaves in the coming year. Additional Production has been provided by Atlanta based producer QWOND3R (Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz), Z4L, and long time friend and collaborator Ron Riley. With a few features that include New Orleans based artist Dee-1, Sivion, and from Stalley’s BCG camp King Vada, Yaves creates a piece of work that is set apart from his perevious projects.

In Winter’s Ear Cover Art


With a release date of 2.10.15 (iTunes pre-sale begins 1.13.15) the final tracklist for the project is as follows:

1. Rumble Young Man (Produced by QWOND3R)
2. Revolver feat Keisha Soleil (Produced by Z4L)
3. Down Bad feat Zoë Boston (Produced by Z4L)
4. Say That (Remix) ft Dee-1, Sivion, Big Trant (Produced by Frank Boi)
5. Good Lord ft King Vada (Produced by QWOND3R)
6. Chains and Whips (Produced by Jay RHDN)
7. Blood Covered Snow ft Ron Riley (Produced by Ron Riley)
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