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WJWD: What Jesus Wouldn’t Do and Why

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What ever happened to just being a Christian? Being saved by grace and sharing the love of Christ to lead others to that same saving faith. Does that even exist? As Christians, have we become so focused on our agenda that we do not focus on showing love to unbelievers? Have we lost sight of our calling? Our goal should be to lead others to Christ by our words and our lives. You can tell by the daily Facebook rants, some Christian songs, and even comments on, that showing love has become the least of our priorities.

What Jesus wouldn’t do is entertain some of the senseless arguments many Christians have on a regular basis. It seems like these days, that if you don’t agree with what I have to say, I’m going to pull out every scripture I know that proves me right and you wrong. I may even go as far as to say you aren’t a Christian because you don’t believe what I do and how I do it. John 13:34-35 says “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Everyone should know you are a follower of Jesus by the love you show.

But what happens when that love isn’t shown? So I ask, What Would Jesus Do?

Jesus wouldn’t go around yelling ‘repent murderers, liars, cheaters! You are going to hell,’ but he would graciously correct those going in the wrong direction. But what about our judgmental attitudes and responses? Our stance for truth, that’s not done in love, is just like beating someone with the laws of the Bible, which don’t save them.

Do people even know you’re a Christian? You take a stand for what is right. But HOW you do that is just as important as WHAT you are standing for. Too often we see people share all of the judgment and wrath of God without placing the same emphasis on God’s saving love and grace.

Delivery is crucial!

WWJD? What exactly would Jesus do? What if Jesus, instead of showing compassion, in so many circumstances, responded how we respond today? Jesus encountered several circumstances where He could have passed judgment and said ‘How dare you?” But He didn’t. Let’s look at some examples of what Jesus did in love, just as we should.

WWJD: Love the woman at the well

John 4 tells of the encounter Jesus had with the Samaritan woman at the well. He began to talk about living water with her, knowing that she had five husbands and was with a man that wasn’t her husband. Some of us would’ve told the woman she was going to hell and needed to get her life together. But Jesus didn’t do that. Jesus engaged her in conversation, something that was uncommon between Jews and Samaritans. He knew her past and her present situation, but did not condemn her. He still shared the gospel. Like we should!

Just because we know someone’s history, that does not give us the right to talk down to them and not share the gospel. When we know our sins, we have no room to say someone else is worse than us. We all are sinners in need of a Savior. The difference is, Christians know the Savior. Lead others to the Savior by your love; do not drive them away.

WWJD: Love Matthew the tax collector

Jesus chose one of the most hated men in the culture to be one of His disciples. Before Matthew was a disciple, he lied and cheated the Jewish people on behalf of the Roman government.( Matt. 9 ) As a Publican, a Jewish tax collector, Matthew took more money than the government charged. In this way, they stole from the people and became rich themselves. One day, Jesus walked along a street in the city of Capernaum. There he saw Matthew sitting at a publican’s table, collecting tax money from the people. Even though many Jews hated Matthew, Jesus said to Matthew, “Follow me.”

Jesus chose one of the most despised men of the city to be one of his followers, and even hung out with Matthew! Yet, we can’t talk to some people because they don’t have the best reputation. Or instead of taking the opportunity to show love, we condemn people. Jesus served and showed love because that is how you win others to Christ. Is this what you do?

WJWD: Act like some of us.

There are some Christian hip-hoppers that enjoy going against the grain of the ‘traditional church.’ They don’t want to wear church clothes. They don’t like to say ‘Amen’ all the time. They don’t think everyone should go to their perspective black or white churches. They have no problem showing tattoos or talking about taboo topics. But it seems like they, we, also have a problem showing love. God has drawn us closer to Him with love. How do you expect to draw people to Christ without love?

We focus so much on our swag, looking cool, and knowing the word, that we don’t bother to watch our tone or attitude. Christians diss other Christians because they don’t agree. How is that being like Christ? It’s okay to disagree. I’m not saying that you should just nod and smile for everything you know is contrary to the word of God. What I am saying is that you should season your words with salt. Don’t blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Even if you know you are right and you have scripture to back it up, do it respectfully. Do you pray before you rebuke a brother or sister? Do you realize that everything does not need to be done publicly? Where is your heart as you correct? Do you do it to show others how well-versed you are about God?

Let’s be clear. There are no jabs thrown at anyone. As believers, our witness to the world is at stake. So what would Jesus do? He would love! Even in situations when it seems impossible. It’s not about you or me. It’s about the Kingdom. Represent Christ well. If you love Him, show love to His people.


What would Jesus do?

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