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Why You Need More Than A Big Booty Girl

2 Chainz Birthday Song Big Booty Girl

As a kid, when it came time to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ you were told to ‘Make a wish and blow out your candles.’ Many of us squeezed our eyes tight and wished for a new bike, school to end forever, or one of the newest toys out. I’m sure none of us made a wish of ‘I just want a big booty girl.’ Well everyone except rappers 2Chainz and Kanye West apparently.

In July, the ‘Birthday Song’ was the 2nd single released from 2Chainz album ‘Based on a T.R.U. Story’ which was co-produced by Kanye West. When asked the question ‘Have you heard that new Birthday song?’ I was like ‘No, I need to hear this’ with the expectation that we may have a hot new birthday song that can be sung following the traditional birthday song and Stevie Wonder’s ‘Happy Birthday.’ Needless to say, that is definitely not the case.


[Hook: 2 Chainz]
They ask me what I do and who I do it for
And how I come up with this **** up in the studio
All I want for my birthday is a big booty girl
All I want for my birthday is a big booty girl
When I die, bury me inside the Gucci store
When I die, bury me inside the Louie store
All I want for my birthday is a big booty girl
All I want for my birthday is a big booty girl

So this is your idea of a good birthday present?

Now there is a whole lot that can be said about this song. We can talk about how he is asked to be buried inside two different department stores, mocks the violence in Pakistan and pressures women into sex by buying things. But that is not the topic today.

Not to continue to quote an already bad thing, but I’m still in awe that his birthday wish is a big booty girl. Really? Unfortunately, some people, including some of you reading, think this is a dope birthday present. I emphatically disagree.

1. When did a person become acceptable gifts?

Birthday lists, baby and wedding registries, Christmas lists are filled with things from lotions to cooking appliances to clothes. I have never seen anyone ask for a person for their special day. It seems like some type of slavery to ask your friends to get you a person like they are a new pair of shoes. When we degrade one another to the value of objects, we are really saying that God’s image isn’t worth more than the shirt on your back or the watch on our wrist. People are not objects. Everyone has been created uniquely and purposefully and should be treated with love.

2. Who asks for this kind of gift?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the spirits of lust and perversion at work all through this song. Whoever asks for a woman as a gift has not been renewed in their minds. As mentioned before, unfortunately, this is not uncommon within our society. We as people naturally want what is pleasing to the flesh. If that is sex, drugs, and money, that is what we seek. Until we place ourselves under a new Master, we are slaves to our flesh. Once we yield our sinful desires to God, He begins to change us into the likeness of Christ. Anytime you are being changed from the inside out, it is painful. It is not an easy task and it doesn’t happen overnight, but no one is ‘too far gone’ for God to change them.

3. What good is a big booty girl?

When you really think about it, outside of the obvious lust and sex, what good is a big booty girl? Remove the sexual factor and what’s left? Nothing. There is no butt-size requirement for having a good conversation or growing a friendship. Unfortunately our superficial society pushes looks, cars, and clothes, even Christians have fallen into that trap. Everything is based off of what we see. From our pastors to our friends, we have become as shallow as the world. People are more than what you see. You cannot see a positive personality, good character, and a strong Christian walk from looks alone. It is possible to look beyond what’s on the outside to see their heart. That takes looking at them with the purpose and intent to get to know them beyond their physical frame.

This is only one example of the types of songs that are permeating the minds of people everywhere. Some young woman right now feels that she isn’t beautiful because she doesn’t have that ‘big booty.’ She looks in the mirror and hates herself because she doesn’t look like the women on tv or in magazines. Some young man thinks that he is not complete unless he has a ‘big booty girl,’ money and cars around him. None of that actually matters though!

In no way is this article just for men. Guys you are not alone in the struggle with as Trip Lee said ‘watching what you watch.’ Whether you knew it or not, women have the same struggles. We all are wrapped in this same sinful flesh.

One verse that I have to remind myself of daily is Job 31:1: ‘I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a young woman.’ Ladies, change ‘woman to man’ and men, quote it like your life depends on it. I’m not ashamed of my #CovenantEyes. They are guarded and gated. Are yours?

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