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Why You Need More Than A Big Booty Girl Pt. 2

Why You Need More Than A Big Booty Girl Pt. 2

After posting ‘Why You Need More Than A Big Booty Girl, I realized from the comment section and conversation with others that there was so much more that had to be addressed on this topic.

I wonder how many men and women actually know someone more than what they look like. I’m not talking to people of the world. I’m talking to us as Christians. How many Christians focus on the outer man rather than the inner? Let’s keep it real. Looks matter…but only to an extent. Looks should not define people.

Many of us have been told by the society that if you aren’t rocking name brand clothes, the hottest shoes, the newest car, the longest hair, the iciest jewelry, the latest cell phone or tablet that you really aren’t doing much with your life. Such a lie! If your body isn’t a certain shape, your stomach isn’t as flat as ______________, your muscles aren’t looking like ____________, your hair isn’t a certain length, your nose is not the right shape or you are not the right skin complexion then you aren’t attractive. Not true! All of these things are superficial and at the end of the day, it does not matter.


What really makes a woman attractive then if it’s not her booty? What should a Godly man see when he looks at a woman? These can be difficult questions to answer, but God gave us the book of Proverbs.

Most of Proverbs was written by King Solomon, the wisest man to ever live, but not the familiar chapter about the true characteristics of a Godly woman. Ironic how Solomon was so wise but still allowed the wrong kinds of women be a distraction (See 1 Kings 10).

In Proverbs 31:10-31, God shared with us the true characteristics of a woman’s beauty. This is not your typical ‘Proverbs 31 Woman’ speech. Women will not be told to go make all of their clothes; men, you won’t be discouraged from talking to a woman who is not up before the sun. Prayerfully, you will be challenged, however, to examine character rather than physique.

An attractive woman of God should possess the following characteristics as defined in Proverbs 31: Noble, Trustworthy, Honoring, Hardworking, Selective, Wise, Visionary, Thrifty, Business-minded, Generous, Crafty/Creative, Talented, Prepared for the future, Kind and God-fearing. A women that possesses these qualities will earn rewards and receive praise.

Ladies, while you are working on getting a bigger butt, you may want to get a better character. Fellas, instead of checking her out, check out her heart.

Society has conditioned us to focus on the outside not the inside. Most of what you see in magazines, on the internet, and on TV is fake anyway. There is no reason to want to be a carbon copy of something that is false in the beginning. God made you physically unique, and He called it good. God made no mistakes! Why would the Creator of the universe, the One who has never made (will never make) an error, all of a sudden mess up with you? He didn’t. Don’t ever let anyone tell you or make you feel like He did. Be uniquely you. Love, accept, and appreciate how God created you.


True beauty is not on the outside. Ladies, your body has nothing to do with your true beauty. Fellas, you won’t see her true beauty if all you care about is seeing her walk away. True beauty is found within. Believe it or not, your inner beauty, or lack thereof, makes your outer beauty irrelevant. Ever met someone who was everything you wanted physically but after one conversation with them, they became very unattractive? Their inner beauty didn’t match their outer beauty. Don’t get so caught up on pleasing the eyes. There is way more to people than what you see. You do not need/need to be a big booty girl. You need/need to be big on inner beauty.

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What are some more reasons you don’t need/need to be a big booty girl?


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