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What On Earth Am I Here For? Part 4: You Were Shaped For the Mission of Serving God

Many people spend so much of their lives looking for their PURPOSE. Not saying that one’s purpose is easy to find, but it can only be truly found through seeking God. Please read part 3 of the series ‘What on Earth Am I Here For’ if you have not already.

Assignment. What you are called to do. Passion. The things that drive you to fulfill a task. Can the two be connected? Can your assignment align with your passion to aid you in finding and fulfilling your purpose? Of course they can! More often than not, our God-given passions push us to complete our God-ordained assignment.

Look at it this way. Are you a secretary that is bored behind the desk? Or a waiter with a fake smile? Are you a rapper that’s fed up with music? Or a school teacher that doesn’t like children?

We find ourselves disgruntled in our positions because we are not following our passion.

God has placed within each one of us different joys and excitements. We all have various assignments. By exploring your individual passions, you will be able to find your purpose. Your passions support your purpose, and your purpose supports your passions. Think about it, if you have not before. What you love to do, God is more than likely calling you to serve His people in that position. He already gave you the talents before the earth was even formed (Eph. 1:4-6, Rom. 8:29). Your talents are not to be used just for yourself. They are to point others to Christ.

Your assignment and purpose is meant to serve others. Your purpose is to be a minister. I’m sure many of you just almost closed your browser window. But hear this out. Service is ministry. The word service literally means ministry. When you serve others, you are doing ministry therefore making you a minister. You don’t have to be licensed through your state to serve. Because you are His and growing in the likeness of Christ, you should long to serve like Christ.

Pastor Rick Warren says in Purpose Driven Life, “A non-serving Christian is a contradiction in terms.”

How can you use your passions to fulfill your purpose in service? First you have to identify you S.H.A.P.E.

S-Spiritual Gifts

The Holy Spirit gives each of us gifts that are to be used to bring glory to God. These gifts are to be used for others as a service to God. (1 Peter 4:9) Don’t keep your gifts to yourself when others are waiting on you to show them Jesus.


Aww, the heart; the symbol and expression of love…not so much. Here the heart represents the seat of desires, goals, hopes, etc. What you long for shows who you really are. Your heart here represents your passions, your innermost thoughts, what you seek for. Just as our gifts are different, our passions are as well. Which is why we’re instructed to even serve God with our heart. (Col. 3:23)


Things that you can do not want to do- abilities. In no way am I saying don’t push yourself, but some things come naturally for some than others. Natural ability is just as important as spiritual ability. Let’s look at the football player Reggie White. Simply put, White was a beast on the field- Google him! But that was his natural ability. His spiritual ability was evangelizing and spreading the gospel by meeting the needs of those less fortunate. White used his natural ability to build an even larger platform to spread the gospel.


Your personality makes you who you are. Outgoing, charismatic, funny, serious, blunt, caring, shy- words that can describe a number of us. It is the uniqueness of you that helps to spread the gospel. God uses all kinds of people. Not just people from various backgrounds, but different personalities. Peter was a hot-head. Jeremiah was sad. Paul


Your outlook and decisions have all been impacted by your experiences. These experiences help shape your view about Christ and how you share Him with others. Some church folks like to call it a ‘testimony’. Whatever you went through to grow in Christ, to break free of sin, to strengthen fellowship is critical to your service to others. You know God comforts because you’ve been troubled. (2 Cor. 1:4) You know God to be a healer because you’ve been sick. (Ps. 30:2) You know God to lift your burdens because you’ve been burdened. (Matt. 11:28) These are the experiences that need to be shared for God’s glory.

Give all of yourself for the sake of the gospel. (Mark 8:35) Are we able to be like Jesus that before we die, we are able to say without a shadow of doubt,

I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work you gave me to do. -John 17:4

Pastor Warren says to ask yourself this question “If I have no love for others, no desire to serve others, I should question whether Christ is really in my life.” That couldn’t have been said better. By accepting Christ and becoming more like Him, we should want to serve others. By doing so, you are fulfilling your purpose in serving God.


Are you serving others and God with your SHAPE?

The line ‘What on earth am I here for?’ may be familiar to you. It was taken from Pastor Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life In this book, Warren says that our purpose is to be part of God’s family.

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