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What On Earth Am I Here For? Part 2: You Were Formed for God’s Family

Purpose: What on Earth am I hear for? You were formed for God's Family

Many people spend so much of their lives looking for their PURPOSE. Not saying that one’s purpose is easy to find, but it can only be truly found through seeking God. Please read part 1 of the series ‘What on Earth Am I Here For’ if you have not already.

As you continue to ask yourself ‘What on earth am I here for?’, have you considered the fact that you were made to be part of God’s family? Yes, actually kin to God.

You were formed for God’s family.

Before you even knew or chose God, He already knew and chose you. What an amazing thing to know that although God knew your weaknesses and shortcomings, He still wanted to consider you as part of His family. God wanted us as part of His family because He wants to use us.

When you join into God’s family by accepting Jesus Christ, there are many wonderful benefits. Although the benefits should not be the driving force of salvation, they cannot be denied. God is the King of Kings. When you accept Jesus as your Savior, you are now joined with the King.

By being connected to the King, there are 3 obvious statements that can be made.

1. You are now royalty.

Because you are part of God’s family, that makes you royalty. Not the kind of King and Queen of England royalty. Way more than that. You are part of a royal priesthood, a chosen generation, and God’s special possession. (1 Peter 2:9-10).

With this royalty, comes responsibility. You can now speak on behalf of the King. God calls us His ambassadors and partners. We should make sure we use this authority of the Crown to point others to the King.

2. You are an heir.

Being an heir to an inheritance is always good especially when you know specifics about the inheritance. Christians are all heirs to the Kingdom. The rewards on earth are nothing compared to the rewards in heaven (1 Peter 1:3-4, 2 Timothy 4:8).

By being part of God’s family, our Dad owns everything. Their is nothing that we could possibly want that He doesn’t have under His rule. We want for nothing because He makes sure we have all that we need. (Psalms 23:1).

3. You are associated with the King.

When I was younger, if I got in trouble, my dad would talk to me about my behavior, before it led to other punishment. The conversation always began with ‘What’s your last name?…well why aren’t you acting like it?’ To this day, I rememeber that my actions not only reflect myself, but, because of my name, they reflect on my family.

The same applies to the Family of Faith. If I claim Christ, my (actions should reflect accordingly. As Christians, we need to remind ourselves that we are associated with the King. Not to think of ourselves higher than others, but to make sure we reflect Him well. Just becuase of our family assocaition, some things shouldn’t be named among us as “King’s kids”. (Ephesians 5:3, Colossians 3:5).

It’s amazing how as part of our purpose, we can forget that we are part of God’s family. Our purpose will not contradict anything the Family stands for.
We all have different roles within the family, but we all are part of the family.

Never forget that you are not alone.

You may not have an earthly family or you may not have a healthy relationship with your family, but you have brothers and sisters in Christ. This family can encourage, support, and hold you accountable while you work in your purpose. We are here for one another. Make sure you are connected with your family.


Are you well connected with your spiritual family?

The line ‘What on earth am I here for?’ may be familiar to you. It was taken from Pastor Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life In this book, Warren says that our purpose is to be part of God’s family.

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