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Wes Pendleton Announces New Instrumental LP ‘Renewal’

Wes Pendleton has been busy the past few months. He’s married his love for sneakers with boom-bap in the creation of his personal brand Pads & Laces, worked on a number of projects from Collision Records and recently released a R&B EP entitled Refined. Showing no sign of slowing Wes is back with another project, the Renewal LP. The project is available on the Pads & Laces website now, and will be available on digital markets tomorrow (March 11). Check out the album story, cover art and tracklisting below:

Renewal Cover Art


Artwork by Wes Pendleton

Renewal Tracklisting:

1. 4 AM
2. GTA
3. Make Dew
4. Euro Step
5. Doesn’t Matter
6. Work While It’s Day
7. From The Sky
8. Suite Dreams
9. Back Pay
10. Ghost Feel

Renewal Album Story:

“I remember going to my corporate gig every morning at 8:30 AM.  I would sit at my desk all day, staring at a computer monitor that displayed the awe-inspiring program known as Microsoft Excel.  For someone who has issues with retaining a decent attention span, this job was slowly killing me by the day.  Oh yeah sure it paid great money, and carried decent benefits, but it left me completely unfulfilled at check out time.

I would come home afterwards and spend the evening with my wife and my then newborn daughter.  After they both went to sleep, I would then cozy up to my Mac Pro, a turntable and a drum pad.  I would literally work on music from 9 PM til around 5-6AM the next morning, take what was basically an extended nap, and get up and do it all over again.  At this point, the only people who knew I created music was my wife, some extended family, and my best friends.  I made these beats with no intention of showing them to anyone.  They were made purely out of love for the sound.  I felt alive.

Somewhere in between that time period and last year, I felt that feeling less and less, to the point where I could go a whole month and create solely for the purpose of work.  I was dying.  At the end of the year (2013) I hit a really rough patch which almost caused me to hang everything up and return to the mundane world of corporate America.  I had no drive.  I had no desire.

Thankfully I have a great wife, and great friends who pushed me to continue to push higher.  Through the turmoil an old familiar feeling started showing itself again.  I was alive.  The love was back.  At that moment I realized that the hardship was there for one reason alone.  I had gone back to the essence, and the process of renewal had begun.  Before I knew it, I had a whole project done.  It brings me great joy to be able to share it with you today.”

– Wes Pendleton

Purchase Renewal today on the Pads & Laces Store, or March 11 on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon!


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