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WATCH: Flame Urges Christian Rappers to Protect the Genre From Corporate Vultures

Flame at the KCA


The 2016 Kingdom Choice Awards held at the Kumble Theater in Downtown Brooklyn, New York back in September was amazing.  There were performances from Bizzle and Datin, D-Will and Angie Rose while Bert Bochachia was one of the honorees for his contribution to the genre for over 20 years via Rap Fest.

Flame of Clearsight Music was also one of the honorees.  In a very passionate speech Flame was very adamant about the fact that the Christian Rap sub-genre is changing.  He referenced the many companies and major records labels who are investing money into the genre currently and warned everyone in attendance to be on guard.

“They’ve been observing us for years!” Flame explained.  “They see the income that has been generated over the last 10 years.  They sit in rooms and actually calculate money and income and see the impact that this genre has made. A lot of people want to get their hands on it.”

Flame then cautioned, “I pray that we will protect it from vultures who would love to come in and dilute the purity of what God has established in this genre.  Millions of people have been saved [and] church plants have been established.”

Flame, a seminary grad, and a minister of the Gospel also celebrated the amazing things that God is doing right now.  “Often times God brings a revival in church history and we just read about it.  But we get to live in a time period where we actually get to see God doing something special.  I pray we never take [that] for granted and that we remember when we get that pen and pad or those fingers that type, I pray that we will remember that God will hold us accountable for every word that comes out of our finger tips and out of our mouths.  I pray that those lyrics will continue to be the ones that differentiate Biblical Christianity from Cultural Christianity.”

You can watch Flame’s full acceptance speech below.

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