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#WadeO506 – Not Today Satan

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Radio Air Dates: 10/20/17 – 10/26/17

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Welcome to the all new Wade-O Radio Show, where each week we give you the latest and greatest Christian Hip Hop Music, news and culture.

It’s the Tampa take over today on the show.  We sit down with battle rapper Logo to discuss his upcoming bout with B-Dot.  We also sit down with KB to discuss Today we Rebel and all the other elephants in the room.

We also drop new music from Datin & Bizzle, Derek Minor, S.O. and Dee Black.  Plus, we blast off the 10 Hottest Joints Out right now and the Spoken Word Piece of the Week Returns!!!


Hour #1 – The 10 Hottest Joints Out Right Now

  • #10: “All Day” – S.O. feat. Mission & Json
  • #9: “Team” – Andy Mineo & Wordsplayed feat. Beam

New Joint of the Week: “Words You Don’t Say” – Datin feat Bizzle

  • #8: “Dive” – Social Club Misfits feat. Beam
  • #7: “Well Done” – Mission feat. Derek Minor

Interview w/ Loso Pt 1

  • #6: “What You Do” – 5ive ft. Zauntee

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Trending Topics w/ Laide Mak

  • #5: “Whutchu Mean” – Lecrae feat. Aha Gazelle
  • #4: “Green Lights” – NF

Interview w/ Loso Pt 2

  • #3: “Won’t He Do It” – Canton Jones
  • #2: “Hold You Down” – Deraj

Wade’s Way Back Track:  “The Invasion” – Trip Lee feat. Jai

  • #1: “DNOU” – KB

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Hour #2 –Rebelling with KB

  • “Sticc & Move” – Selah the Corner feat. Eshon Burgundy

Interview w/ KB Pt 1

  • “Monster” – KB feat. Aha Gazelle
  • “Let You Down” – NF
  • “Good Day” – Dee Black feat. Eshon Burgundy & Jered Sanders

Interview w/ KB Pt 2

  • “Get Through” – KB feat. Lecrae

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Trending Topics w/ Laide Mak

  • “This Morning” – Derek Minor ft. Anesha Birchett

Interview w/ KB Pt 3

  • “I am Not the One” – KB
  • “We Livin” – Tina Campbell
  • “We Been Here” – Canon feat. Aaron Cole

Interview w/ KB Pt 4

  • “Not Today Satan” – KB feat. Andy Mineo

Hour #3 – In The Lab w/ DJ Wade-O

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Trending Topics w/ Laide Mak

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Interview: Loso on B
Video: Bizzle talks

Daniel Cody is the engineer for the Wade-O Radio podcast and producer of The Life Change radio program for 4th Generation Ministries. He has a Bachelors Degree in Music Production & Record Engineering. He has a passion for authentic rap about the Gospel and collaborates with all genres of Christian music with his production company - Man of God Productions. Follow him on Twitter @DRoyulMOG.

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