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#WadeO333: Mr Del and Beleaf Interviews

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6/27/14 – 7/3/14

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In the first hour, we talk with Mr Del about his legacy and new album, Hop Dealer 2 that drops July 7.  In the second hour, we talk with Beleaf about the concept behind his new album Red Pills + Black Sugar.

We also countdown the 10 hottest songs out right now.  And Wade-O has your favorite mash-ups, classics and new joints in the mix!

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Going In Mix Powered by Covenant Eyes

  • “What You Mean?” – Flame and Fedel (Clearsight Compilation)
  • “Young” – Andy Mineo and KB (Formerly Known)
  • “On Ten” – Tedashii feat. Derek Minor and Transparent (Below Paradise)
  • “Bible in Da Air” – TP (White Label)
  • “Coogi Sweater” – Social Club feat. Andy Mineo & SPZRKT (Misfit 2)
  • “Beautiful” – Mali Music (Mali Is)
  • “Until I Pass Out” – Uncle Reece (BOLD)

Mic Break:  Internet Safety w/ Covenant Eyes

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HHH News Blast w/ Sketch the Journalist

  • “Love on the Radio” – The Walls Group (Love on the Radio EP)

Mr Del Interview Pt 1 (New Album & Hope Dealer #1 Classic)

  • “Oh My God Remix” – Mr Del feat. Canton Jones & Fabo (Hope Dealer)
  • “King Without Crown” – Thi’sl feat. Corey Paul (Fallen King)
  • “Praise and Arrows” – Trip Lee ft. Canon, Deraj & Jeannie Ortega (Lion of War Soundtrack)

Mr Del Interview Pt 2

  • “I’m Ghost” – Mr Del (Hope Dealer 2)

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Wade’s World Wide Top 10: August’s Hottest Christian Hip Hop Songs

  • #10: “Am I Trending” – V. Rose feat. Flame (Clearsight Compilation)
  • #9: “You” – Lisa McClendon (You Single)

Wade’s Way Back Track: “Stay Saved” – Canton Jones (Love Jones)

  • #8: “Problem” – Chad Jones feat. Propaganda & Canon (Keep Up EP)
  • #7: “Start Over” – Flame feat. NF (Royal Flush)

Spoken Word Piece of the Week:  “The Height of Glory” – Preston Perry

  • “Cops” – Social Club (Misfit 2)

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News Blast w/ Sketch the Journalist

  • #5: “Undefeated” – KB feat. Derek Minor (100 EP)
  • #4: “Vanish” – Christon Gray feat. Swoope (School of Roses)
  • #3: “Nothing I Can’t Do” – Tedashii feat. Lecrae & Trip Lee (Below Paradise)
  • #2: “Can’t Help Myself” – Uncle Reece feat. Jor’dan Armstrong (BOLD)

Beleaf Speaks on the Concept behind Red Pills + Black Sugar

New Joint of the Week: “Take No Days Off” – Beleaf (Red Pills + Black Sugar)

  • #1: “Neverland” – Andy Mineo feat. Marz (Neverland EP

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The Covenant Eyes Mix of the Week

  • “1994” – B Cooper (While the City Sleeps)
  • “Nothing but the Blood” – shai line (Lyrical Theology 2)
  • “One Way Remix)” – Transparent feat. John Givez & Bizzle (White Label)
  • “We Can Be More (Wade-O Mash-Up)” – Sho Baraka (Lions and Liars)
  • “Robot (Wade-O Mash-Up)” – Trip Lee (The Good Life)
  • “You Can’t Stop Me” – Andy Mineo (Never Land)
  • “Fight for You” – Mali Music (Mali Is)
  • “Crazy” – Canton Jones (God CITY)
  • “Uno Uno Seis (Ray Rock Remix)” – Andy Mineo feat. Lecrae (More than Music Pt 1)

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HHH News Blast w/ Sketch

  • “Follow the Leader” – Nigel Lewis (Follow the Leader)
  • “I’m Turnt (DJ Promote Mash-Up)” – Lecrae (Church Clothes 2)
  • “Daywalkers” – Propaganda feat. Lecrae (Crimson Cord)
  • “WOW” – Beleaf feat. John Givez (Red Pills + Black Sugar)
  • “Me Against the World” – Fedel (White Label)
  • “Fakin (Cardec Drums Remix)” – Lecrae feat. Thi’sl (More than Music Pt 1)
  • “God’s Got it” – J Moss (V4: The Other Side of Victory)
  • “I’m Different” – Canon feat. Tony Tillman & TJ Pompeo (Mad Haven)

The Thought of the Week

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What Is Your Favorite Song from this week’s Show?

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