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#WadeO304 – December Going in Mix

Christian Hip Hop Podcast:

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Tune in for an early Christmas Gift from your Wade-O Radio family. Today we present to you the December Going in Mix. DJ Wade-O mans the turn tables for three of hours of new music, holiday tunes, classics and mash-ups.

Wade-O also honors the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela and also comments on the recent NCFIC Holy Hip Hop Panel during the thought of the week.

We also find out if Canon, Thi’sl and Lecrae’s “How We Do it” stays atop Wade’s World Wide Top 10 as we blast off the 10 hottest songs out right now. Sketch also has the scoop on the latest happenings in the Christian Hip Hop Community.

During this episode, you will hear music from Andy Mineo, Joshua Rogers, Mali Music, Benjah, Derek Minor, Papa San, Flame, KB, Transparent, Da T.R.U.T.H. and more.

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Going In Mix Powered by Covenant Eyes

– “Identity (Live @ Rev Gen)” – Lecrae & DJ Official
– “I’m Turnt” – Lecrae
– “Headphones” – Black Knight
– “Robot (Own It Mash Up)” – Trip Lee
– “Incredible” – Chris Jackson feat. D-Tropp
– “Rest of My Days” – Big Al feat. Canton Jones
– “Next Episode” – Andy Mineo feat. Sheena Lee
– “So Good” – Joshua Rogers
– “Hallelujah” – Darrell Petties
– “Hallelujah” – Lecrae
– “My Whole Life Changed” – Lecrae

Mic Break:  Internet Safety w/ Covenant Eyes

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HHH News Blast w/ Sketch

Still Going in Mix

– “Light Up” – Alex Faith feat. Trip Lee
– “One Sixteen” – Trip Lee feat. Andy Mineo & KB
– “Saints One Sixteen Mash Up” – Andy Mineo (DJ Thizzicallity Remix)
– “Fight For You” – Mali Music
– “Aye Yah” – Chris Cobbins feat. Reconcile
– “Work Bonus” – Benjah feat. Social Club
– “I’m Rooted” – Lecrae feat. Derek Minor
– “The Fever” – Lecrae feat. Papa San and Andy Mineo
– “Get Right” – Papa San
– “Philistine” – Kristine Alicia feat. Papa San
– “God Mi Love You” – Stephen Murphy

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Wade’s World Wide Top 10: December’s Hottest Christian Hip Hop Songs

– #10: “Headphones” – Black Knight
– #9: “Letting Me Go” – Alex Faith

Bonus: “Christmas Time” – Da’ T.R.U.T.H.

– #8: “Impress” – Willie Moore Jr.
– #7: “So Good” – Joshua Rogers

Wade’s Way Back Track: “After the Music Stops” – Lecrae

– #6: “All In” – Flame feat. KB

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HHH News Blast w/ Sketch

– #5: “Perfect People” – The Walls Group
– #4: “Uno Uno Seis” – Andy Mineo feat. Lecrae
– #3: “One Way” – Transparent

A Tribute to Nelson Mandella

– #2: “I’m Turnt” – Lecrae

New Joint of the Week: “White Christmas” – Rawsrvnt

– #1: “How We Do It” – Canon feat. Thi’sl & Lecrae

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HHH News Blast w/ Sketch

The Mix of the Week Powered by Covenant Eyes

– “Hit the Lotto” – Canon feat. Derek Minor
– “I Will Be (You Will Mash-Up)” – Fedel
– “The Greatest Gift” – Thi’sl feat. J.R.
– “Chase Me Down” – Chris Cobbins feat. Sho Baraka
– “Impress” – Willie Moore Jr.
– “I Break Stereotypes” – Heesun Lee feat. MC Jin
– “You Know” – Bizzle
– “Read ’em and Weep” – Flame feat. V. Rose
– “All In” – W.L.A.K. feat. Dre Murray & Alex Faith

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HHH News Blast w/ Sketch

– “Hypocrite” – MC Jin
– “Baited” – Flame feat. Fedel
– “Poison” – Japhia Life
– “20 Minute Workout” – DJ Kool
– “Living Clean” – Canton Jones feat. Big Ran
– “Back To You” – Dorinda Clark Cole
– “Blessed” – Chris Jackson
– “Real Love” – Da’ T.R.U.T.H.

Thought of the Week: The Panel That Shouldn’t Have Happened

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What Is Your Favorite Song from this week’s Show?

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Remembering Nelson M
D-Maub Live @ JahRoc

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