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Wade-O Radio Backstage w/ Sho Baraka

DJ Wade-O chops it up with the one and only Sho Baraka. In this very insightful interview, we touch on:

[0:56] Forth District Update
[2:24] Where He Is At Musically
[5:30] Where He Fits as a Christian Music Artist
[6:50] His Frustrations in Making Music
[7:52] Who His Music is Written For
[10:19] CHH Marketing
[10:45] Growing Musically With Your Audience
[11:50] Does He Still Get Illuminati References?
[12:30] Rebranding Himself
[15:00] Sho Baraka “Band Experience”
[16:50] Comments on Reach’s Push Into Mainstream Markets
[18:50] Current Relationship Reach Records
[22:09] New Music from High Society
[23:45] What Content To Expect on Next Project
[24:42] What To Label His New Sound
[27:00] Aspects of The Music He Wants to Write Now
[27:50] The Ins & Outs of Being an Indy Artist
[28:25] Creating an Entity to Help Indy Music Artists

Artist Info:
Twitter: @amishobaraka |

Executive Produced by DJ Wade-O and JBTZ XCLSV
Footage Shot By JBTZ XCLSV
Video Edited by JBTZ XCLSV
Audio Edited by Daniel Cody for Man of God Productions
Graphic Design by JBTZ XCLSV
Motion Graphics by Mwendo LLC

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