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Viktory Shoots Video for R4 Vol 2 Street Single ‘Grind Hard Live Free’


HUNTSVILLE, AL – Viktory releases new photos on his Instagram and Twitter page outlining new video. “We expect to put the song out before April. It’s a street single, something to reconnect with the people and let them know where this album is coming from. I love the track, the beat is crazy, and I’m just speaking truth from the heart” states Viktory.

The song entitled “Grind Hard. Live Free” is one of the most personal looks into Viktory’s life he’s ever placed to music. It deals with the realities of struggle, and the often challenging road of a young minister balancing work, family, God and personal ambition.

The new album “Relentless 4Ever Volume 2” hits stores on June 10th 2014. It boasts collaborations with Cannon, V. Rose, and Canton Jones to name a few.

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