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Video: The Winter’s Cypher 2016 Houston, TX feat. Corey Paul, Von Won, Tony Ri’Chard & Joshua Dillard – Hosted by Sir J


It’s here. The second iteration of Dallas-based DJ Sir J‘s cypher.

Earlier in 2016, it was The Summer’s Cypher in Dallas. This season it took place in Houston with an emcee lineup of Tony Ri’ChardJoshua Dillard (formerly JT of Still Trill Christians), Von Won, and Corey Paul.

On the menu: Biggie‘s classic “Dead Wrong” beat. And these dudes ate!

When asked about the purpose behind the cypher Sir J says, “The Winter’s Cypher is all about putting on! Putting on for artists, putting on for dope organizations, and putting on for the city. I wanted to build on what we had done with The Summer’s Cypher but my plea to the Lord was to show me how I could glorify Him even more with the next project.”

“He gave me the idea of the Winter’s Documentary, which gave me an opportunity to shed light on some of the great things happening in Houston, such as Hip-Hop Hope and Hang Time,” he added. “I want to always give an opportunity for artists to show their skills but this allowed me to go further in showing off the city, show who some of it’s leaders are, and show how the people in Houston could get plugged in.”

Sir J opened to the venue up for fans to attend and see the live recording of the cypher. He wanted to others to see all that goes into the behind-the-scenes process.  

“The Winter’s documentary also gave me a chance to give the audience a bit more of the experience leading into the cypher shoot. I want to do all I can to stress the significance of LIVE shot cyphers. It’s so unique and I wanted to communicate how much work goes into it that the viewer doesn’t ordinarily get to see,” he said.

Like The Summer’s Cypher line-up in Dallas, Sir was excited for what the Houston line-up would bring to the table.  

“The line-up this season was amazing. They gave me the exact dynamic I was looking for coming from Houston. Outside of rap, all the guys are moving in the city and active from pastoral ministry, to prison ministry, one of them is a fire fighter, they’re all dope guys outside of rap and have great content to bring to the table,” Sir J said.  

He continued to add, “I wanted to break through the stigma of Houston rapper only having a slowed down style. There were bars, there was energy, there was performance/delivery, angles, everything I could’ve asked for! Of course I’m biased to my city, but picking Houston was a great move for me!”

“This line up, Tony Ri’Chard, Joshua Dillard, Von Won, and Corey Paul certainly kept the bar high. Oklahoma is going to have to come with it next summer! Nothing is set in stone yet, so I don’t want to give the roster up yet, but that news will drop soon.”

Watch the video above and let us know who you think repped the best.

Stay tuned for a future behind-the-scenes post from Wade-O Radio team member Sketch the Journalist, who was on site to document that day.

Feature photo courtesy of: Sir J

Wade-O Radio team members Mikaela and Sketch contributed to this story.

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