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VIDEO: Lecrae responds to Datin, talks signing Aha Gazelle and the music industry


Lecrae is the the talk of the town when it comes to those of us on the urban/hip-hop side of Christian culture. DJ Wade-O has a good face-to-face conversation with the Reach Records co-owner and frontman.

In this interview we get into:

2:12 – His thoughts surrounding the video to him from Datin
6:00 – His progression in music to his present headspace
11:46 – Why Reach singed Aha Gazelle
13:42 – Disagreements between label mates at Reach
14:32 – His problem with Christians in and out of music
16:13 – Encouragement to young new artists
16:45 – Reach’s new deal with Aha Gazelle
18:25 – Details concerning his new project coming up
20:50 – Impact of him sharing certain “sensitive” content in his book
22:00 – How he handles all the criticism
24:25 – Wade-O’s commendations and challenges for Lecrae
26:05 – How Lecrae was introduced to Aha Gazelle

Artist Info: 
Twitter: @lecrae

Executive Produced by DJ Wade-O
Footage Shot by JBTZ XCLSV
Video Edited by JBTZ XCLSV
Audio Edited by JBTZ XCLSV
Graphic Design by JBTZ XCLSV

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