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V Rose Discusses ‘Forever After’ and Career Pre-ClearSight Music (Audio)


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Tune in as V Rose (Real Name: Vienna Rose) discusses her new album Forever After, her music career prior to ClearSight Music, her love of Gospel Music and how to get young people to sincerely worship the Lord.

  • [1:41] – Her early singing career and music influences
  • [9:23] – Her desire to be famous yet humble
  • [12:35] – Her passion for worship
  • [14:40] – Writing her new song “Worshiping Tonight” while on stage at a concert
  • [15:38] – Her song writing process
  • [18:10] – The concept behind her new ‘Forever After’
  • [20:30] – Getting Young People to authentically worship God
  • [24:14] – Dealing with flirtatious comments and being a role model
  • [28:05] – What she wants people to get out of ‘Forever After’

V Rose’s Contact:

– Web: |  Twitter: @VRoseMusic

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