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Upcoming Dee-1 Mixtape ‘Separated At Birth’ Banned from Release

RCA Inspiration artist Dee-1 announced on Instagram today that his new mixtape Separated At Birth was banned from release. From his start as a Christian artist Dee-1 has been outspoken about problems with the mainstream Hip-Hop industry, and fans expected this tape to take it to another level. For more commentary on the issue, our own DJ Wade-O broadcasted live on Periscope and started the hashtag #ISupportDee1 on Twitter.

Read Dee-1’s statements from Instagram below:

“I’d like to apologize to all the fans. This is a project that was needed in hip hop and i was excited to give it to you all. All i can say is that 1. this industry is truly crazy smh, 2. some bold actions have taken place behind the scenes, and 3. some people fear what the truth sounds like. Trust me, if no one threatened legal recourse, I would still drop it because I worked hard on this and i think this music would bless all who hear it, and add a much-needed perspective to hip hop. The topic of my personal safety was also brought up to be honest, but truthfully God has me covered so I was neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever worried about that. Until further notice, the #SeparatedAtBirth mixtape has been BANNED. Unfortunately, i need for to not post the mixtape as of now until things clear up. Sorry for the wait.”

“Man since my mixtape is currently BANNED from coming out, just enjoy the only two tracks that had surfaced so far. “Tha Block Is Hot” and “Call Yo Bluff” via Soundcloud #SeparatedAtBirth

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