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Uncle Reece: Christian Artists aren’t ‘Bold’ because of Money (Video)

In Season 3 Episode 1 of Live @ JahRock’n, Uncle Reece sits down with DJ Wade-O and talks about his debut album Bold, the state of gospel music and fusing Rap and Worship to create a new music sound.

In our interview. We spoke with Uncle Reece about:

  • [0:44] – The concept behind his new album Bold
  • [3:25] – The Driving Force behind the music industry
  • [5:03] – Why he made ‘Bold’ and what he is trying to communicate
  • [7:30] – His relationship with Jor’dan Armstong and making Can’t Help Myself
  • [10:38] – “Can’t Help Myself” Music Video featuring Jor’dan Armstrong
  • [16:00] – The state of Christian Hip Hop
  • [17:40] – His inspiration for fusing worship and hip hop in his music
  • [21:00] – The success of Until I Pass Out and what that meant for the CHH Community
  • [24:33] – Da’ T.R.U.T.H.’s comments on Gospel Music’s Failure to Embrace Christian Rap
  • [27:00] – “He Died and He Rose” Music Video
  • [32:22] – The impact of music videos on his career and how to work a project
  • [36:36] – Until I Pass Out Music Video

Uncle Reece’s Contact

Web: I Twitter: @unclereece

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Executive Produced by DJ Wade-O and JBeatz Xclusive
Footage Shot By Larissa Lamonthe
Video Edited by Craig Walkine Jr.
Audio Edited by Chris Belmont for Jah Rock’n Productions
Graphic Design by JBeatz Xclusive for T38 Creations
Motion Graphics by Mwita Chacha for Mwendo LLC

Uncle Reece 'Bold' F
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