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Trip Lee Rise Tour Recap featuring KB – Dallas, TX


As Trip Lee’s Rise Tour comes to a close, we recap the concert event from Dallas.

The crowded line stretched far alongside One Community Church, as children, teenagers, and adults, many sporting their Reach gear, gathered to see Trip Lee and KB for the Rise Tour. In attendance, an estimated fifteen hundred people, all ready to “do it for the turn up.”

The event started off with V.I.P. fans meeting the Reach artists before the concert and being able to get front row seats. Fans were also given the opportunity to purchase merchandise from several different vendors and support Food for the Hungry – a Christian organization geared towards serving the poor globally by ending world hunger. It was good to see national and local vendors supporting the tour, as fans were introduced to new products and organizations.


I remember when I was able to attend the Unashamed V concert in 2013 and I got to see KB do his set. I remember being impressed by his delivery and his stage presence in between songs.

This year at the Rise Tour, KB displayed his growth yet again. He had the energy in the building go from 0-100, real quick. He came out and jumped right into new music and gave the crowd a taste of “I Believe.” This song is great for a concert setting as it had us all chanting, “I believe that we will win!” The crowd was engaged and he continued his set with classics such as “100,” “Go Off,” and “Zone Out.”

One thing that really stood out at this concert was the way the songs were mixed. Each song that he performed had a heavy blend of edm weaved into it. This allowed for momentary breaks in the song to simply go crazy. The edm mixes into the set kept the energy of his set very high. Kids all over were jumping and bouncing off the walls. At one point, everyone was going wild as snippets of “Turn Down For What” played.

KB did a great job getting the crowd warmed up and excited. He also previewed his latest single “Crowns & Thorns” and provided amazing stories to encourage the crowd that in Christ, we win. In Christ we have won the battle. He kept up with this theme and it allowed him to close out the set with “Undefeated.”

Overall, KB’s set was great. The high energy attracted many and his stage presence and stories captivated them. If I had any critiques, it would be that it felt a bit like there was more turn up and chaos than actual songs. Or that it made it feel like he didn’t rap as much. I’m sure the younger generation didn’t mind, but that is one thing I took away.

Photos from Houston Rise Tour. Photo credits: Sketch the Journalist

Trip Lee

There may be some push back when it comes to Reach Records and the direction they are going, but let’s be clear, Pastor Trip Lee is and will always be ministry minded. Trip made sure he was clear in presenting the Gospel to a crowd of screaming fans. Trip blended his love for music and love to shepherd God’s people, by taking time out of his set, in between songs, to share his story and the Gospel.

The Rise Tour set was simple but compelling, as images flashed on the screen behind Trip. He blended both old and new songs, with a fun back and forth banter with DJ Biz. There were times in Trip’s set where I felt like he talked more than he performed, but I was reminded about his health, and the fact that he has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This means that Trip is limited in the energy he gives and can produce. He is more prone to being tired than others. That made his set more intentional and concise.

As Trip’s set continued, it got better and better. You can see and hear the crowd feeding off of his energy and message. Trip did classics like “The Invasion (Hero),” “Robot,” “No Worries,” “One Sixteen” featuring KB, and “Take Me There.” He also mixed in his recent work like “Swheet,” “All Rise Up,” and “Lazarus.” His set all led up to an excellent worship experience at the end. Fans all raised their hands in worship, as Trip declared that we have victory in Christ, thus there is “Sweet Victory.”

KB said it a while back on his social media page, and I echo his words – Trip Lee has the best closing set, period. I was in a mindset of worship and gratitude when Pastor Trip closed his set. This is why I felt like his set was so intentional and concise. He wanted the fans to bask in the glory and majesty of Christ. And that they did.

But the show could not be over without Trip performing his hit single “Manolo.” Trip started off with playing DJ, and hyping up the crowd, as they yelled for the song. The crowd went wild when the track dropped and they all did it for the “turn up.” This song is definitely a crowd pleaser.

I’m not sure if this is Trip Lee’s last tour, as he is fully dedicated to pastoring, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Rise Tour concert in Dallas. Both KB and Trip Lee had exciting sets, with great mixes and visuals. The tour was definitely one to catch.

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