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Trip Lee One Hundred Sixteens The Mixtape Download Link and Tracklisting


[Download] Click Here to Download [/Download]

Download Instructions

  1. Click the “Click Here to Download” link above
  2. Sign-up for Our Mailing List
  3. Click the Confirmation link in the email I send to you (will come from wade at wadeoradio dot com)
  4. Save the zip file to your computer
    • PC Users: Right-Click the download link in the second email and select “save file as”
    • Mac Users: Hit control and select the download link.  Then select “Save Target as”
  5. Unzip the Zip File
  6. Play the Mp3 on your computer

If you have any other questions, please read our FAQ Post about the project.

T38 Creations Designed the Cover art.  They do all of our visual graphics on the site.  You can find more information about them on our We Recommend Page.


Trip Lee One Hundred Sixteens Tracklist

  1. “Come Close” – Trip Lee feat. Flame and Sho Baraka (20/20)
  2. “Give You That Truth (Wade-O Old School Mash-Up)” – Trip Lee (If They Only New)
  3. “Superstar (Eyes Off Me)” – Trip Lee (20/20)
  4. “We Don’t Live for Hip Hop” – Trip Lee (20/20)
  5. “No Worries (One Sixteen Mash-Up)” – Trip Lee (Between Two Worlds)
  6. “One Sixteen” – Trip Lee (The Good Life)
  7. “One Sixteen (The Movement Remix)” – Trip Lee (The Good Life Book Downloads)
  8. “Hero (Look At Him Now Mash-Up)” – Trip Lee feat. Jai (Between Two Worlds)
  9. “I’m a Believer” – Tedashii feat. Trip Lee & Soye’ (Identity Crisis)
  10. “Jesus Muzik” – Lecrae feat. Trip Lee (After The Music Stops)
  11. “Heart Problem” – Trip Lee (The Good Life)
  12. “On My 116” – DJ Official feat. Lecrae, Tedashii, Sho Baraka & Trip Lee (Entermission)
  13. “I’m Good” – Trip Lee feat. Lecrae (The Good Life)
  14. “Cash or Christ” – Trip Lee feat. Lecrae (If They Only Knew)
  15. “Checkin for My God Remix” – The Ambassador feat. Lecrae and Trip Lee (The Chop Chop: From Milk to Meat)
  16. “In Ya Hood Cypha” – Tedashii feat. Trip Lee, Thi’sl, JSon, Sho Baraka & Lecrae (Kingdom People)
  17. “Ridaz Remix” – J.R. feat. Da T.R.U.T.H., Trip Lee and Iz-Real (Life By Stereo)
  18. “The Last Cypha” – The Cross Movement feat. Trip Lee, R-Swift, Everyday Process & Da T.R.U.T.H. (HIStory)
  19. “Bear With You” – Trip Lee feat. Tedashii (Between Two Worlds)
  20. “Brag on My Lord” – Trip Lee feat Alex Medina (Brag on My Lord Single)
  21. “Invade (Bible in Da Air Mash-Up)” – Trip Lee feat. J. Paul (Between Two Worlds)
  22. “Transformers” – Tedashii feat. Lecrae and Trip Lee (Identity Crisis B-Sides)
  23. “To Live is Christ (Philippians)” – 116 Clique feat. Trip Lee (13 Letters)
  24. “Life 101” – Trip Lee feat. Chris Lee Cobbins (Between Two Worlds)
  25. “Robot” – Trip Lee (The Good Life)
  26. “Robot (Remix)” – Trip Lee feat. Swoope & Andy Mineo (The Good Life Book Downloads)
  27. “Gotta Grow (We’ll Make It Mash-Up)” – Trip Lee (If They Only Knew)
  28. “I Love Music (Seasons Mash-Up)” – Trip Lee (Between Two Worlds)
  29. “We Don’t Freestyle (RIP DJ Primo)” – DJ Primo feat. Trip Lee (116 Chopped-N-Screwed)
  30. “Cling to You” – Trip Lee feat. shai linne (20/20)
  31. “Covenant Eyes” – Trip Lee feat. Derek Minor aka PRo (Between Two Worlds)
  32. “Fallin'” – Trip Lee (The Good Life)
  33. “The Invasion (Hero)” – Trip Lee feat. Jai (Between Two Worlds)
  34. “The Invasion (Hero) (Remix)” – Trip Lee feat. Jai, Tedashii, Mac the Doulous, Stephen the Levite, Brenden McPeek, J.R.(Between Two Worlds Remixes)


[Download] Click Here to Download [/Download]


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