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Trackstarz on new Lecrae album and insight on CHH industry


If you are a CHH fan, or an artist…this is the interview that you need to hear. The Trackstarz fam, comprised of Ryan Righteous, DJ Jeremaya, and Seantana stop through JahRock’n Studios and chop it up with DJ Wade-O to talk about their humble beginnings, and drop great insight as well as opinions in the industry.


  • [3:15] – How Trackstarz got started
  • [5:37] – Why the name “Trackstarz”?
  • [9:25] – Important milestones thus far
  • [13:13] – “Line 4 Line” series inception
  • [18:29] – What is next for Trackstarz?
  • [22:54] – How they have seen CHH progress over the years
  • [29:35] – Thoughts on new Lecrae album and surrounding themes
  • [38:09] – Reach’s abandonment of the ‘Us vs Them’ ideology
  • [39:29] – How Christian critics have changed
  • [42:07] – CHH required you to be perfect
  • [45:09] – Final words of advice

Artist Info:

Twitter/IG: @trackstarz |

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