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Top Christian Hip Hop Albums from the Second Half of 2015


As 2015 comes to a close, we cannot enter a new year without acknowledging the great amount of projects that were released in the second half of the year. We were given a lot of solid projects, that it was difficult to narrow down our list to 10.

When choosing the albums/EP’s/mixtapes, we had a set criteria. We thought about which albums had memorable moments, great production, concepts, lyricism, creativity, and artistry. The artists varied from well-known to fairly new. Overall, we expect that if you check out these projects, you will really enjoy them.

You can also check out our Top 10 Christian Hip Hop Albums from the First Half of 2015. Both lists were compiled by the Wade-O Radio Review Team.

This is a list of projects that were released between July to December of 2015.

Top 10 albums in order from 10 – 1:

10. Flame – ‘Forward’

FLAME-Forward-Album-Cover-700-620x620Flame is a veteran in the CHH community and he has consistently delivered the unfiltered gospel throughout his eight studio albums.  ‘Forward’ is no different in that aspect. Fans will appreciate that even though CHH strays away from mentioning biblical perspectives on tough issues, Flame never waivers in his stance.

He teaches through music unapologetically, but he does it with style and he makes it understandable for all.  The production quality on this album was pretty solid as well. Overall, Flame shows why he is still a vet in the game, through his ability to stay relevant, even though CHH is constantly evolving. –Chanel

Album Review: Flame – ‘Forward’

9. S.O. – ‘So it Ends’

soitendscoverAs trilogies go, you have to end it on a high note. S.O. made sure that as he closed this chapter in his music career, he spent the proper time crafting it so that it was just what he wanted it to be. This was a great album and worth the wait from So It Continues. S.O. and his teammate GP crafted a great album around what S.O.’s life has been.

In this album you can clearly hear how he has grown through the pains and struggles of life, what he has learned through this walk with Christ, and how he is using that to encourage others (and himself). It has a mature sound to it, like S.O. himself has grown up during the creation process. And much like what happens through all growth, the project in the process becomes stronger itself. It gets more meat and it’s worth listening to more. –Daniel

Album Review: S.O. – ‘So it Ends

8. Tony Tillman – ‘CAMDEN’

tony-tillman-camdenTony does a great job of telling the story of his life and the lives of those from his hometown in Camden, Arkansas. The listener can feel the intensity of growing up in his city, but also how God allowed Tony to rise above all of the negativity that he was surrounded by.

The album is filled with raw, real emotion but is also an encouragement to know that there is hope in God. You can hear Tony’s heart of wanting to reach back and help those who are lost and show them the hope that he found in Christ, and also how much they inspire him to continue forward in his mission. –Chanel

Album Review: Tony Tillman – ‘CAMDEN’

7. Dre Murray – ’34’

Dre-Murray-34-JTHThis record has all the best elements of Dre Murray. There is great production, beautiful lyricism and a strong message. ’34’ is a great artist doing what he does; make great art. –Aubrey

Album Review: Dre Murray – ’34’


6. Taelor Gray – ‘The Mocker and the Monarch’

taelor-gray-mon-mocTaelor Gray may not have been the most known of the Gray brothers, but he made sure people took notice with this project. “MOCxMON” was a lofty idea that was full of solid tracks about the Christian life – personal struggles with the flesh juxtaposed with knowing that God is God. How does one deal with that?!

It’s a laid back album that doesn’t go much higher than making your head nod along to it. The album creates the opportunity for the listener to pay attention because he has a lot to say in this project about church, being a leader, dealing with fame, and the constant ebb and flow the soul has with the human flesh. It has a high replay value and is worth a second listen after the first play. –Daniel

Album Review: Taelor Gray – The Mocker and The Monarch

5. Alert312 – ‘The Upside Eternal’

alert312-the-upside-eternalIf you don’t know who Alert312 is, then this would be the perfect introduction for you. This is artistry at the highest level. The lyricism is crazy and the message is beautiful. Do yourself a favor and listen to this record, because this record is what hip-hop is all about. –Aubrey

Album Review: Alert312 – ‘The Upside Eternal’

4. Andy Mineo – ‘Uncomfortable’

Uncomfortable_by_Andy_MineoAndy did not disappoint his fans with his sophomore album. He showed how much he’s growing. Not only as an artist but also as a man through this sophomore follow up. He diversified his sound, which included great production and an eclectic style. The concept of being too comfortable with life came across clear throughout the project.

He showed vulnerability with his personal life and confidence in where God is taking him in the future. I believe the album exceeded fans expectations for what Andy is capable of doing, and left them wondering what sound he is going to come out with next. –Chanel

Album Review: Andy Mineo – ‘Uncomfortable’

3. Alex Faith – ‘Bloodlines’

alex-faith-bloodlines-coverAlex delivered a whole new level of transparency. This was an honest and very real album. This record will enlighten and inspire you. It’s presented eloquently. Oh, and the music was phenomenal. On ‘Bloodlines’ we get to see a superstar develop right in front of us. –Aubrey

Album Review: Alex Faith – ‘Bloodlines’

2. John Givez – ‘Soul Rebel’

john-givez-soul-rebelThis record is beautiful music. From start to finish you are not just listening to music, you are experiencing it. From the skits in between songs to the production, to the lyricism, it’s all done to create something that you can feel. “Soul Rebel” is hip-hop in it’s most beautiful form. It’s flawless artistry and music. –Aubrey

Album Review: John Givez – ‘Soul Rebel’

1. JGivens – ‘Fly Exam’

JGivens-fly-examThere are very few people who can put together an album that holds together full on lyricism in a world that can focus more on concept. By no means does ‘Fly Exam’ lack concept, oh no, but the huge draw of this project for me is the enormous amount of lyrical creativity used to unpack the concept that JGivens had in this album.

Humble Beast has great production on this album, some great takes aways are “So Fly” & “Ignorantro” just to name a few, but as far as rapping rappers go, JGivens proved with this album that his brain works on a different level. The artwork is superb, the music videos are creative, and the features on the project all make sense. ‘Fly Exam’ is not an album, it’s a complete experience. –Daniel

Album Review: JGivens – Fly Exam

What are your Top 10 Projects from the second half of 2015?

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