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Top 5 Derek Minor Projects


Derek Minor is a prolific artist. His music catalog dates back to 2008’s The Black out. He has added 11 other records under his belt since then. Some of them most notably being his PSA mixtapes. Minor is a key figure within the genre and can be found melting microphones and speakers both as an emcee and producer.

If you’re like me and you came into the CHH scene in the mid 2000’s, you currently acknowledge the moniker Derek Minor, but you find yourself calling him PRo every now and then. No? Well, I guess that’s just me.

Minor’s growth throughout the years, musically, lyrically, and spiritually have been evident. He has also had the ability to capture a story and develop it throughout a whole project – in addition to bringing humor and fun to his music. As he has grown as an individual, his content and lyricism have grown with him. He does not shy away from addressing real life issues, pointing out his flaws, and pointing you back to Christ.

From starting out as PRo and getting some pushback on his music from Christians, to partnering with Reach Records, to forming his own team in Reflection Music Group, PRo, excuse me, Derek, has made a great impact within the genre as a whole.

With Minor continuing to build his empire of reflecting God and reflecting greatness, on November 10th, he added another project to his discography. High Above is the second installment of his ‘Up and Away’ Series. He is set to release the two additional installments in 2018.

As we took time to look through his discography, here are my (Mikaela) top 5 records from Derek Minor.

5. Redemption – 2010 | Minorville – 2013



Honestly, I had to make a tie between these two projects. In the era of PRo, his first album Redemption stood out. This is pre-Reach Records and you can hear the difference of content and delivery on this project verses his previous work. This record oozed of an individual who had been discipled and had been poured into. Redemption was a result of that.

In Minorville, Derek truly became an artist. His grittiness, content, and creativity shined in his fictional creation of this city. Songs like “IGWT”, “Gimmie”, “Ready Set Go”, “We are Champions”, “Respect That” and “Dear Mr. Christian” stood out on this record.

4. Empire – 2015


Minor has the ability to come up with a concept and stick with it all of the way throughout his projects. Out of the gate on the intro for Empire, Minor addresses any issues with him not being with Reach Records anymore. As the record continues, Derek showcases his confidence, his rapping ability, his relationship with others, and his faith. Certified bangers like “Who You Know” and “Party People” were definitely concert favorites, but tracks like “Stranger” and Save Me” had Minor baring his soul.

3. PSA Vol. 3: Who is Derek Minor – 2012


Out of all three PSA volumes, volume 3 stands out the most. The record was released in 2012 and was during the time when PRo changed his name to Derek Minor, and was in full 116 mode. Minor’s southern grittiness shines throughout, and overall, he just spits on this record. This is an intro to what Minor would become as an artist under the new moniker, and this Volume also showcased Derek’s ability to be a versatile artist.

2. Your Soul Must Fly – 2017


Though this is the first installment of Minor’s ‘Up and Away’ Series, it has stood out amongst his prolific catalog. This 6-track EP is the beginning of a bigger portrait that Minor is creating with this series. I’m excited to see how all four installments intertwine with one another. Minor is telling a story, creating God honoring music, and he has found his groove.

1. Reflection – 2016


Reflection has content, versatility, confidence, lyricism and great music. Minor’s ability to grind and be consistent with his music is what keeps him current in the genre. He points listeners to the source of everything, which is God. He sticks to the model of reflecting God and reflecting greatness, and that shines throughout this project, both sonically and lyrically.

Chime in. What are your Top 5 Records from Derek Minor?

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