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Top 10 Trip Lee Songs of All Time

Top Trip Lee Songs of All Time

The world first heard William Barefield III aka Trip Lee in 2005 on Reach Record’s first 116 album, The Compilation. A then, teenage Trip boldly claimed via the hook on Tedashii’s first hit “In Ya Hood“, that we’d “messed up and let” them in. And for fans of Christian Hip Hop, Trip has been there ever since.

Stellar Awards, National Tours, videos on 106 & Park, book deals, marriage and a son: We’ve practically watched Trip Lee grow up right before our eyes. Publicly, he’s evolved from simply being “Young and Unashamed” to teaching us how to live “The Good Life.” Privately, friends say he’s a devoted family man who wants to be the best Dad and Husband that he can be. It’s amazing that he’s only 25 years old.

That’s why it’s with mixed emotions that we put together this Top 10 songs of his career list. Ever since Trip announced his retirement/ hiatus from music back in October to focus on family and local ministry, it’s given us a chance to view his career in retrospect. The Lord has used this brother mightily during the past 7 years. He’s been one of the main cogs in a wheel that has convinced thousands of young people that it’s OK to be unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prayerfully this list will remind you of some of the great moments that Trip Lee the rapper has given us. I suspect that William Barefield the Pastor may give us even more.

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