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Top 10 Thi’sl Anthems


Thi’sl’s repertoire is long. With five studio albums and a slew of features, Thi’sl is a stable and veteran within the Christian Hip Hop genre. No matter what Thi’sl touches, his own tracks or features, he always hits it right out of the ball park. His passionate and gritty voice can be heard on hooks like Lecrae’s “Fakin’, Da’ T.R.U.T.H.’s “Hope”, and Flame’s “Trap Money”, to name a few.

Some of his lines have been reproduced to create hit songs for other Christian hip hop artists. Thi’sl has not only contributed a great deal musically to the genre, his wisdom and music industry advice has helped and encouraged many up and coming artists.  To celebrate Thi’sl’s fifth studio album, Fallen King, which dropped Tuesday, May 6, we comprised a list of the Top 10 Anthems from Thi’sl. We all know that the Full Ride Music Group CEO has a slew of bangers, so this was a hard list to comprise.

10. “Let it Knock” featuring PRo – Beautiful Monster – 2011

Thi’sl teamed up with PRo, now known as Derek Minor, to produce a bass hitting anthem that had everyone moving and getting hype at concerts. The samples that are found in Lecrae’s “Hallelujah” and KB’s “Zone Out” were both birthed from Thi’sl’s “Let it Knock.”  The song literally “knocked” so much, that it helped other artists produce hit singles.

9. “I Hate You” (Crack) – Chronicles of an X-Hustler – 2009

This is a different kind of anthem, but an anthem nonetheless. It may not get you hype, but it will get you to think about the harm drugs and sin cause. Songs like “I Hate You” need to be more prevalent on the radio. Thi’sl talks about a real story when it comes to his anger towards crack and its destruction on families and communities. You can hear his passion against it. “I Hate You” is a much needed song for the hoods that are plagued by drugs, violence and sin. The song is so powerful and is such a great stand against drugs, that it has helped some people stop using, selling or even dealing crack.

8. “Windows Down” – Chronicles of an X-Hustler – 2009

If you didn’t have your windows down, you weren’t bumping anything serious. “Window’s Down” is a classic Thi’sl song that echoed Lecrae’s 2006 hit “Jesus Muzik.” “Windows Down”  was almost like the rebirth of Thi’sl to those who didn’t take notice of his music earlier.

7. “Radio on Drugs” – Chronicles of an X-Hustler – 2009

“That’s all I hear on the radio is songs about, dope, dope, dope.” We all echoed Thi’sl’s sentiments when he said that his radio was on drugs, because everyone was saying the same thing. Mainstream hip hop continued to feed lies and encourage listeners on their usage of drugs. This certified banger, produced by Street Symphony, had everyone knocking to the horns and the breakdown in the middle of the song.

6. “Motivation” – Free from the Trap – 2013

Thi’sl puts on for his city and it’s a known fact. The X-Hustler has become motivation for those in his city who are plagued by gang violence and drugs, to seek after Christ and something better. Ultimately Christ is Thi’sl’s motivation, and that can be seen and heard by Thi’sl serving his community and sharing the Gospel.

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