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Top 10 Json Songs


As Json is gearing up to release his sixth studio album No Filter, we wanted to highlight the St. Louis native’s contributions to CHH, as he is a stable veteran within the genre. If you’re unfamiliar with Json’s catalog, well here is a quick rundown.

In 2005 Json released his first album entitled The Seasoning. The album featured Flame, J.R., Cho’zyn and introduced the CHH community to the gritty St. Louis rapper. He was then featured on the 116 Clique Compilation Album alongside Lecrae, Sho Baraka, Thi’sl and Tedashii. The nostalgic album is a true beginning for the 1-1-6 Unashamed Movement, and is a classic.

In 2007, Json was featured on another 116 Clique compilation album entitled 13 Letters, and a year later he released his sophomore album Life on Life. The project helped introduce the genre to St. Louis rappers MikeREAL, Titus, and Future. In 2010, Json released City Lights, which consisted of hit songs like “Goon” featuring Pastor AD3 and Thi’sl, “Parent Me” featuring J.R., and “Crank it Up” featuring Derek Minor (PRo at the time).

Since then, Json released Growing Pains in 2012, and Braille in 2013. He has been featured on a slew of records and is a constant voice within CHH. We now take a look back at his extensive resume, and comprise a list of his Top 10 Songs.

Editor’s Note: This list is rated from 10 – 1.

the seasoning

10. “Grace” featuring J.R. – The Seasoning

Released: 2005

“Grace” is an eye opening track which helped give a view of Json’s life and the grace the Lord has shown upon him. The track featured the smooth vocals of singer and producer J.R., and also reappeared on Json’s sophomore album Life on Life.


9. “Listening Choice” featuring Tedashii – Life on Life

Released: 2008

What are you listening to? Has to be the most popular question in the world. Json questioned and challenged believers when he released “Listening Choice.” In the song, he helped shed light on how the music we listen to should glorify God and be edifying to our souls. If we claim to be Christians, what we listen to is critical to our walk with God.

“What’s in your headphones?/ What’s in your speakers man?/ What’s bumping in your ride? / Is “Jesus Muzik” playing?/ I hope you spitting truth, in what you listening to / Because the music that we bump, it should be Christian too.”


8. “Crank it Up” featuring Derek Minor – City Lights

Released: 2010

Before the beat even drops, you know that “Crank it Up” is going to be a certified banger. With the assistance of Derek Minor, all you wanted to do was crank up your life for God. “Crank it Up” is a well balanced “turn up” song that had two of CHH’s leading artists holding it down.


7. “Passing” featuing Serge and KB – Braille

Released: 2013

Json teamed up with Reach Records artist KB and Miami-based rapper Serge to release a concert favorite and a hit single from his fifth studio album Braille. Json is no stranger to highlighting other artists on his projects, as both Serge and KB held their own.


6. “116 Anthem” (Json) — 116 Clique: The Compilation Album (Chopped and Screwed) 

Released: 2006

This was the compilation album of all compilation albums. The compilation album was released in 2005 and the chopped and screwed version was released a year later. The project consisted of Lecrae, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, Thi’sl, and Json, and was a certified hit when it came out. The song itself is a concert banger, and helps fans remember to always be unashamed of the Gospel. The “116 Anthem” was a bonus track on the Chopped and Screwed version of the album, which was done by the late Houston native Carlos “DJ Primo” Avila.

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