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Top 10 Christian Hip Hop Albums from the Second Half of 2013

The second half of 2013 has come and gone, and we have heard some of Christian Hip Hop’s most anticipated projects to date. Though it was difficult, team members Aubrey, Branden, Daniel and Mikaela put together their list of the Top 10 Christian Hip Hop albums from the second half of 2013.

In case you missed the first half of 2013, here is our list of the Top 10 Christian Hip Hop Albums from the First Half of 2013.

When choosing the albums and mixtapes, we had a set criteria. We thought about which albums had memorable moments, great production, and artistry. The artists varied from well-known to fairly new. Overall, we expect that if you check out these albums, you will really enjoy them.

The comprised list are from artists who have dropped their albums between July to December of this year.

The snippets next to the album cover are from our reviews published around the time each project dropped.  You can click on the Album Review title under the excerpt to read our full review of each project.

Since the second half of the year has yielded more projects than the first, we have included an honorable mention list.

Honorable Mentions: (In no particular order)

Hypocrite – MC Jin

mc_jin_hypocrite_ep_cover“Jin’s music has always been his strong point, so the expectations are always high for him. His background and success in the secular game have only raised the expectations for him in CHH. No matter how high the expectations, MC Jin delivers with strong music. The production is top notch and provides for a great backdrop. His lyricism was as sharp as it usually is. Throw in some transparency and consistency and you have a great EP.” -Aubrey

Heads Up – Jahaziel

jahaziel-heads-up-500“It’s been about two years since the last time we heard from Jahaziel, and this project was well worth the wait. If you are already a Jahaziel fan, or if you’re looking for more good CHH music, or if you haven’t been a fan of his in the past this record is worth checking out. Jahaziel has grown and has become a great emcee. Heads Up is a record that has a great (and strong) Christian message at the forefront. It is more than just a record to listen to in the car; this will feed you spiritually. On top of that, it’s great music. This is a record that is good for CHH and CHH fans; it’s a must have.” -Aubrey

Murder My Flesh – KIDD

kidd_murdermyflesh_albumcover540“There’s one word that sums up my listening experience with KIDD’s Murder My Flesh; impressed. From start to finish, I was blown away by what KIDD did with this record. I enjoyed every second of this record. It was strong in pretty much every area. There is enough versatility for any hip-hop fan. The spiritual content is high and will definitely inspire and motivate you. Even with all the great music, KIDD kept the main thing the main thing, and Christ was the center and star of this album. Overall, this was a great album. If KIDD continues to make music like this and grow, he will be among the elite very soon.” -Aubrey

Top 10 Christian Hip Hop albums in order from 10 – 1:

10. Grace, Love, Mercy – Corey Paul

index-corey-paul“The reason why I appreciated this record was because I like when an artist tells me exactly what he means with the title and theme of his record. The intro track did what I feel intro tracks should do. It set the tone and explained the direction of the record. There is no way any listener can walk away from Grace, Love, Mercy and not know what Corey Paul means by that title. I appreciate that.” -Aubrey

Album Review: Corey Paul – Grace, Love, Mercy

9. Favor Over Fury – Yaves

yaves-favor-over-fury“Consistency is one of the most important elements of a great album for me. An album that can set a high standard early on and at the very least maintain that standard, usually ends up being a great album. On Favor Over Fury there was a lot of consistency in the tone, which (as the listener) I appreciated. The consistency didn’t end there though. Yaves showed a consistency lyrically that he has lacked in the past. From start to finish Yaves dazzles the listener with fantastic wordplay, metaphors and punchlines.” -Aubrey

Album Review: Yaves – Favor Over Fury

8. El v. Envy – JGivens

jgivenselvenvy“To make a great emcee, you need more than flow, you need to have lyrical ability. JGivens provides plenty of lyrical ability on El v. Envy. He showed all of the traits of a good lyricist throughout the record. He had sharp wordplay, double entendres, and metaphors. He stayed pretty consistent lyrically throughout the record, and didn’t have too many down spots. He covered a wide variety of topics but never faltered from the Christian message that was pretty heavy on El v. Envy. JGivens accomplished the difficult task of providing a strong Christian message and great lyricism.” -Aubrey

Album Review: JGivens – El v. Envy

7. Hear Ye Him – No Malice

hearyehim“This is everything a fan of No Malice could ever have asked for. His flow and confidence will remind fans of The Clipse but his message, maturity and humility also remind fans that he’s not Malice anymore. It’s the perfect balance that No Malice was able to master as good as anyone in his position. It’s also just great music. This truly is a fantastic record in every way. From start to finish, you will be engaged and impressed. Hear Ye Him is a great introduction to CHH and I for one am ecstatic that he’s here.” -Aubrey

Album Review: No Malice – Hear Ye Him

6. Church Clothes 2 – Lecrae

Lecrae_Church_Clothes_2-front-large“My take away from Church Clothes 2 was less about the record itself and more about what the record represented. This record proved to me the Lecrae is the perfect artist to carry the banner for CHH (whether he’s willing to claim it or not). He has the charisma to do it and he has the talent to go along with it. A lot has been said about Lecrae over the past few years, and he’s been accused of watering down his message and compromising. I don’t see it. Church Clothes 2 has a solid and strong Christian message. It’s different than the old Lecrae, but that guy is gone and the new Lecrae still has a strong Christian message. There’s no doubt that Church Clothes 2 is heavily influenced and motivated by Christ. All of this makes Crae the perfect guy to crossover.” -Aubrey

Album Review: Lecrae – Church Clothes 2

5. ATLast – Alex Faith

alex-faith-atlast-1000“This project could be summed up in one word … excellent. This is true excellence presented through beautiful artistry and music. It has all the elements of a great record. The spiritual message is stellar. It’s an insightful, inspirational and powerful record. It’s also heavy on the features but not too heavy. Each feature was done wisely and with intention. Every person on ATLast had a purpose (which is another Collision staple). The production was solid and the lyricism was outstanding. In every way possible this album is excellent. ATLast is the first full-length record from one of the younger emcees in CHH. If he continues on this path, it won’t be long until he’s sitting at the top of CHH.” -Aubrey

Album Review: Alex Faith – ATLast

4. For God’s Sake – Eshon Burgundy

eshonbforgodssake“Eshon is one of the most consistent emcees in all of CHH. You know that when Eshon is rapping that he is going to bring it. For God’s Sake is just more proof of that. Eshon brought his best to every track on this album and it showed. From the opening track you could hear that Eshon picked up right where he left off with his last project, and he was totally in the zone.” -Aubrey

Album: Eshon Burgundy – For God’s Sake

3. Minorville – Derek Minor

derek-minor-minorville-cover“When I think of Derek Minor, the first thing that comes to my mind is passion. He constantly carries this passion for Christ in what he does. You would think that he couldn’t keep this up for an entire career, but that thought would be wrong. Minorville is full of the trademark passion and aggression that has set Derek Minor apart. Along with that, Derek brought great lyricism and production with him. If you are already a Derek Minor fan, then you will love Minorville just off of the strength of him continuing to do the things he’s known for doing great.” -Aubrey

Album Review: Derek Minor – Minorville

2. Instruments of Mercy – Beautiful Eulogy

Beautiful-Eulogy-Instruments-Of-Mercy-web“This has been one of the tougher reviews for me to write because it’s hard to put into words how great this album really is. Instruments of Mercy stretches so far passed any of the regular modes of assessment in music. Calling it a classic doesn’t do it justice. Saying that the lyricism and production were stellar doesn’t sound good enough. This record is more than music. Instruments of Mercy reinforced the Wade-O Radio slogan because for a while I forgot. It brought back my passion for CHH. Bigger than all of that, this record fundamentally changed my life and relationship with music. All I can really say in conclusion, is that this is a record for that every individual should own.” -Aubrey

Album Review: Beautiful Eulogy – Instruments of Mercy

1. Gold Rush: Maybe One Day – Dre Murray


“I’m just going to come out and say it … Gold Rush: Maybe One Day is a classic. I understand that I can be perceived of being (to quote Skip Bayless) ‘a prisoner of the moment,’ but I believe that this record meets all the criteria of a classic album. It has incredible lyricism and production, great overall album quality, memorable moments, playback value and it has the “it” factor. This album feels different from most other albums. It played to me like a movie, because I could see each story and bar, and the overall storyline. Each track created this epic movie that is Gold Rush: Maybe One Day. All of this creates for a classic album that will be enjoyed for years.” -Aubrey

Album Review: Dre Murray – Gold Rush: Maybe One Day


What do you say? What are your top 10 albums from the second half of 2013?

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