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Top 10 Christian Hip Hop Albums from the First Half of 2015

2015 started off strong. We have seen highly anticipated debuts, veterans showing why they are veterans, off the radar artists making an impact and possibly even a few classics. The Wade-O review team has come together and have compiled a list of the Top 10 Albums so far this year.

When choosing the albums and mixtapes, we had a set criteria. We thought about which albums had memorable moments, great production, and artistry. The artists varied from well-known to fairly new. Overall, we expect that if you check out these albums, you will really enjoy them.

This is a list of albums that were released between January and June of this year.

Top 10 albums in order from 10 – 1:

10. Json – No Filter

no-filter600Json gave us an album that is worth sitting and reflecting on. Flooded with songs about indentity, this project pointed listeners to security in Jesus. Sonically, it offered some variety and it didn’t lack substance.

This album can meet people where they are, no matter the stage of life they are in.

Album Review – Json – No Filter

9. Nobigdyl – Smoke Signal

nobigdyl-smoke-signal-rz2If you didn’t know of nobigdyl before 2015, you probably do by now. He dropped a free album in January that made everyone take notice of his name.

Smoke Signal is full of original songs with a fresh original flow to match. It’s easy for people to walk away from this project respecting Nobigdyl’s creativity and lyrical tenacity.

Nobigdyl is a name that we will probably hear a lot more of in the coming months and years.

8. KB – Tomorrow We Live

KB_Square-Cover_1000x1000xI’d say that the measure of success should only be when you achieve the status of hype that you create for yourself. Meaning, if you set the bar to a level and you reach it, then your project was a success.


I remember the promo for this album, and the few interviews I saw from KB on the topic, title, and reasoning for the project. You got a clear picture that this project wasn’t all about breaking music stigmas or changing the face of music as we know it. The project was more about reaching the listener with a tangible picture of Christ, and how He is accessible to their life. KB has such a missional mindset with his music, that you know what you’re getting into when you’re going in.


You are gonna get the hype; you’re going to get the turn up; but going from Weight & Glory to Tomorrow We Live, you see that KB’s entire motivation for doing music is truly representing Jesus in ways that are diverse and true to himself. With a multitude of genres in it, this album was not what I expected, and that’s a good thing. I’m rarely left surprised by an album, and this made me double take at my computer a few times when a song would drop. I throughly enjoyed the project as a whole, no matter how expected the “turn up” songs were.

7. Social Club – Us

socialclubusSocial Club just keeps pounding out records and keeps expanding their movement. In March they released Us and this record is everything CHH has come to expect and love from them. It’s full of everything that makes the duo so special. It has bangers, heart felt tracks, random tracks and it’s a lot of fun.

With their star shining as bright as ever, it would have been understandable for the group to take a step back, but they did the opposite and added another record to their already full discography. Us is a classic Social Club record that Social Club fans will love and if they keep making records like this then the number of “Misfits” will continue to grow.

6. Derek Minor – Empire

derek-minor-empire-1600As one of the first albums to drop in 2015, Derek Minor has set the bar pretty high for artists cooking up music in 2015.

Empire was a quality album. From the music, the sequencing of the tracks, to the content of the project, it all helped put together an amazing album. Songs like “Who You Know” and “Party People” are not indicators of the depth of the project. This album definitely makes listeners think about what they are doing with their lives and which empire they are working on.

Album Review – Derek Minor – Empire

5. Sean C. Johnson – Circa 1993

seancjohnsonSean is one smooth vocalist, and he can make anything sound like a soul classic. This entire project is a recounting of a year that changed his life, and began the direction down the road of life that made him the man that he is today. Each song is a nod to a track that was popular during the year, and popular in Sean’s life. With Circa 1993, you get a soulful remixing of classic throwbacks from the 90’s, early gospel, and new songs that are sure to give you the screw face.


From a musical standpoint it’s such an easy listen. You can either choose to get lost in the vibe of the music, soothed by Sean’s harmonies, or dive into the metaphors created by Sean’s creative remixing of classic records. So much nostalgia is used to power the listener through the record, and it’s not used in place of creativity.
The unique ways Sean used well known chorus’ of the “golden age of hip hop” is so clever it makes you want to laugh. I appreciate Sean’s consistency of quality, because his style hasn’t gotten stale. We need MORE singers who are true to themselves, because overall I feel it’s something lacking in our space.

4. Gemstones – Blind Elephant

blindelephantBlind Elephant contained many of the elements of a quality debut project. Gemstones let his fans hear his heart as he shares many personal stories in his raps. He showcased his ability to rap (for those who may have been sleeping) and even showcased how well he can sing.

He did a great job with communicating his passion for people to come to know the Lord. That’s found in many CHH songs, but what is different about Gemstones’ music is that you can feel and hear the urgency in his lyrics.

This is definitely an album to remember in 2015.

Album Review – Gemstones – Blind Elephant

3. Tragic Hero – My Own Worst Enemy

tragic-hero-my-own-worst-enemy-1500Tragic Hero is a guy who has consistently put out great art over the course of his career. He has helped raise the artistic bar in CHH and this record is evidence of that. It is everything I love about Tragic Hero and everything that is great about CHH in 2015.

My Own Worst Enemy is lyrically amazing and heavy. It is a display of the art form that is rapping. Musically, it is beautiful and creates an easy listening experience. This is a must have record for all of CHH and if you don’t know who Tragic Hero is yet, then do yourself a favor and get his latest project. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Album Review – Tragic Hero – My Own Worst Enemy

2. Eshon Burgundy – The Fear of God

thefearofGodeshonburgundyEshon has the aura of a dude who is gonna murder the mic lyrically and can give you seven mixtapes in one year because he’s just that nice, and he can. We know the stories of many “mixtape rappers” who can’t make albums. SO, I’m grateful that this doesn’t apply to Eshon because The Fear of God really has strong songs on it. The single with Uncle Reece is a powerful song with a driving hook, which is something that every lyricist needs to help their songs crossover to a more casual audience from the underground; “real” fans.


I can rattle off a list of songs from this project that really made me want to rewind to hear, and memorize the verses (something that a lot of music hasn’t made me want to do in years. I’m being honest). His connection with Humble Beast pushed his creativity to a new space that allowed Eshon to be who he is, and flourish into an even better Eshon that we haven’t heard yet.

1. Alex Faith & Dre Murray – Southern Lights: Overexposed

southernlightsEveryone who is familiar with Collision Records was anticipating this record. Dre Murray has long been a giant in CHH and Alex Faith is a rising star, so there was a perfect reason for anticipation. Southern Lights definitely delivered.


It was a great record from start to finish. It was phenomally well produced and put together. The lyricism was insane and the content was full and rich. It’s a record that doesn’t get old and will always have your head nodding. It isn’t just the best record of this year, it’s one of the best records over the past few years.
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