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Today’s New Releases: September 2, 2014

This week in Christian Hip Hop we have a couple highly anticipated albums from up and coming artists in the sub-genre. Check out the singles from each project below, and find links to buy and/or download!

Bonfire by SPZRKT



STRT TRBL artist SPZRKT releases Bonfire today, a highly anticipated album for many who have become accustomed to seeing his name on high-profile track listings around Christian Hip Hop. Tune in to the latest episode of the Wade-O Radio Show to hear DJ Wade-O’s latest interview with SPZRKT. Check out the title track below:

Purchase Bonfire on iTunes today!

Hoodie Season 2: Black Dawn by Selah the Corner

God Over Money (GOM) Records


God Over Money artist Selah the Corner returns with Hoodie Season 2: Black Dawn, the follow-up to his popular mixtape Hoodie Season released in conjunction with his record deal announcement. Listen to “Quarter Quell” featuring Gemstones & Redd Lettaz below:

Download Hoodie Season 2: Black Dawn for FREE at!

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