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Today’s New Releases: Hazakim Returns with New Album ‘Son of Man’

Today’s new release in Christian Hip Hop comes from veteran Lampmode duo Hazakim. Find links to purchase plus a press release statement about the project below:

Son of Man by Hazakim

Lampmode Recordings


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After Illness and Personal Challenges Hazakim Returns with New Album Son of Man  

Philadelphia, PA-September 22, 2014 – Christian Hip Hop duo Hazakim—Jewish for “strong ones”—have had every bit of their strength tested over the past five years. On the canvas of hardship, illness and numerous personal challenges, is written a hopeful message captured on the Lamp Mode artists’ eagerly anticipated new 12-track album, Son of Man, available Tuesday, Sept. 23. One half of the sibling pair, Tony, was severely ill in 2011 after a bout with Achalasia, a rare disorder of the esophagus, that hindered digestion and resulted in a 55-pound weight loss. With prayers and assistance from faithful supporters in mind, he reflected, “It’s been a long and tedious uphill climb getting these songs out, but praise God, it’s done. We thank everyone who prayed and supported us in the trying season between our last album and this one.” Weighing in, Mike added, “This project is near to my heart and I’m excited for its release. Being off the scene for five years has been a time of reflection and preparing for what we feel the Lord wants to say to this generation.”

In keeping with Hazakim’s mission to spread the gospel, Son of Man has a clear focus: the return of Christ. “I really feel like this album is timely and captures the heart’s cry of the Believer, which is the return of the King,” continued Tony. “I think people will connect with the songs on this album—if not on a surface level, on a much deeper and spiritual level.” The recently released lead single “Kingdom Come,” featuring J. Williams, as well as the “Yearn for His Return” video series, serves to contextualize earthly problems in light of the heavenly promise of Christ’s Second Coming, giving followers of Christ hope in hard times. According to Tony, though Son of Man is “not necessarily as ‘deep’ and esoteric as Theophanies,” the brothers were “careful not to stray too far away from the sound and content that makes Hazakim unique”—something their loyal niche audience will surely appreciate.

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