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Breaking News: Thi’sl to Release Love Compilation after ‘Girl Code’


After Thi’sl and Full Ride Music Group release their all-female compilation “Girl Code,” they will shift their focus to a love compilation titled, “The Glory of Love.”

“The innovators in the music industry are always looking where it’s going and how they can adjust to it in their own situation,” Thi’sl told Wade-O Radio. “One of the things that I’m definitely going to be doing is looking at the gaps inside of the Christian music community and trying to fill those gaps.”

Thi’sl believes a lack of prominent female emcees is one gap. Another is love music, especially of the R&B genre.

The St. Louis hip-hop artist knows that some Christians stay away from R&B when they’re with their spouse for a variety of reasons—whether that’s memories of past relationships or that they don’t believe it has a place in genuine, godly love. He respects the former excuse, but he doesn’t think the latter is a valid one for a couple to not listen to music when they get intimate.

“Music was created to be a soundtrack to our lives,” said Thi’sl. “Every part of our lives has a soundtrack. Everything.”

If a Christian couple listens to praise and worship music instead of R&B while getting intimate, Thi’sl won’t judge them, but he isn’t afraid to question their playlist selection.

“I can’t imagine anybody being intimate with their spouse listening to praise and worship music,” said Thi’sl. “Praise and worship music is meant to point your attention and focus to God. If I’m being intimate with my spouse listening to praise and worship music and I get to church and hear that same song again, there’s a battle going on in my mind.”

Thi’sl plans to fill the void of Christian love music with “The Glory of Love” and give couples getting intimate to praise and worship music an alternative.


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