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Thi’sl Calls for Peaceful Response to Ferguson Grand Jury Verdict

St. Louis Christian Hip-Hop veteran Thi’sl has been very involved in the events surrounding the tragic death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO. In case you haven’t been closely following the events, check out this detailed timeline via USA Today.

In anticipation of a Grand Jury verdict (deciding whether Officer Darren Wilson will face charges), Thi’sl has issued a call for a peaceful response in urban areas around the world and explains the long-term effects that rioting could have on the community.  Listen below:

Listen to Thi’sl’s latest song “Ring The Alarm (Oh Lord)”:

For more commentary on the death of Mike Brown and Ferguson, check out DJ Wade-O’s interview with Black Canseco, who uploaded one of the most viewed videos of the aftermath of the situation.


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