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The Making of shai linne’s first music video: ‘Be Glorified (Psalm 55)’

The Making of shai linne s Be Glorified Psalm 55 Music Video YouTube

Lampmode Recordings has released a behind the scenes look at the making of shai linne’s first music video, for his new song “Be Glorified (Psalm 51).”  shai is no stranger to the CHH community as he has released 5 critically acclaimed albums.  He also released the controversial song False Teacher$ last year that had the Christian community in uproar as he called out 12 prominent pastors by name for being false teachers.

While it is weird that in this day and age and artist would have released this much content without a music video,  shai is no ordinary artist.  He doesn’t capitalize his name nor does he give very many interviews.

The music video is directed by Scouts Honor Media and the making of video is narrated by their President Joshua Wann (DJ Essence).  The clip explores the stereotypes of what it looks like to be an urban Christian and crams a life time of experiences in 15 minutes.  They implore several interesting production techniques including shooting the entire video in one take and speeding up the song during filming so that everything in the background will appear in slow motion during the actual video.

Of the video, Wann said they “wanted to do something special and memorable” since it was shai’s first music video.

“Be Glorified (Psalm 51)” is the first official single from shai’s new album, Lyrical Theology vol. 2: Doxology.  The video will be released this Monday, May 5t, while LT2: Doxology will hit stores on My 20th.

Earlier this week, shai released the lyric video for the album’s intro in which he shows the relationship between doxology and theology.  If you missed it, you can view it here.

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