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Event Review: “The Good Fight” Album Release Party Houston, Texas

the good fight album release party

We’ve Got Issues

In some respects, Bizzle’s The Good Fight album release concert on April 20 was a disappointment.

  1. Before arriving at the venue, many fans learned on social media that the album had been delayed and would therefore not be available for purchase.
  2. Although previously advertised, West Coast favorite Sevin was not able to make the event.
  3. Sound issues pushed the concert’s start time back by over an hour and killed any momentum show opener GS had trying to launch into his first few songs.

In fact, it was so bad, that at one point it appeared the show would be cancelled. The house lights came up in the sanctuary where the event was held and all of the God Over Money family members came out on stage to thank the crowd for their patience.

And then people started to pray. Willie Moore, Jr. grabbed the mic and began to lead the crowd in acapella worship songs like “How Great Is Our God” and hands were raised in praise.

Bizzle raps

Bizzle raps at the release party for his “The Good Fight” album – Photo by Sketch the Journalist

But God Showed Up

Shortly after, the sound issues were resolved, the lights went back down and the event started to roll.

DJ Overflow manned the turntables. The Bay Area’s Wordsmith hosted like an old school hip hop MC. And the lineup of lethal lyricists began to spit.

Bumps INF and Bizzle rap

Bumps INF raps with Bizzle at “The Good Fight” album release party – Photo by Sketch the Journalist

First up was Bumps INF. He was followed by Lavoisier, Cornerstone and Eshon Burgundy. Selah aka The Corner was announced as the newest signee to the God Over Money Records label and brought the house down with “El Presidente.”

Eshon Burgundy raps

Eshon Burgundy slyly reps Humble Beast (before the announcement) on the mic at “The Good Fight” album release party. – Photo by Sketch the Journalist

Lavoisier on the mic

Lavoisier commands the mic at “The Good Fight” album release concert – Photo by Sketch the Journalist

Willie Moore, Jr. smoothed things out afterward and even had his 4-year-old son briefly work as his hypeman.

Most all of the artists on the bill got a vocal assist from Bizzle when they performed a song that featured the GOM founder. And then he took the stage to work through several of his hits and knocked out “Dear Hip Hop” for a respectfully contemplative crowd.

As the entertainment portion of the night ended, Biz brought his pastor to the stage (the event was held at his home church) to give a brief presentation of the gospel and pray for the audience. Instead of raising hands to signify an acceptance of or re-dedication to following Christ, people were asked to bow or go to their knees as a show of submission. Those who followed such instruction were later brought into a separate room for additional prayer, discussion, and equipping.

As the crowd began to filter out afterward, they were greeted by product tables that mostly sold wearable merchandise – “Grow the Heck Up” tees from Lavoisier, “I’m Doin’ Jesus” hoodies from GS, “Young, Fly & Saved” shirts from Willie, and of course, “God Over Money” gear from Bizzle.

GOM merch table

God Over Money merch table – Photo by Sketch the Journalist

One wonders how many sales any of the artists made that night though. There was no new Bizzle album to buy and you couldn’t swing a snapback without hitting a fan already wearing a GOM logo. But given the way the night started and the way it ended, perhaps they weren’t so disappointed after all.


Audience members who were able to stick around were encouraged to meet the artists out in the parking lot for an impromptu video shoot for Lavoisier’s “Do This Every Day” video shoot by Good Look Film’s Eshon Burgundy.

Other Notes From the Sketchpad:

  • Although many of Houston’s Christian hip hop community were committed to other engagements that night, guys like Gifted da Flamethrowa, World Rejects, Saiko Woods, and Secta 7 O.G. Blackseed were spotted in attendance.
  • I spoke to audience members who drove over 4 hours from Corpus Christi and over 7 hours from Oklahoma City just to see this concert.
  • Willie Moore really needs his own TV show.
  • Worst ratio of the night – 1:200 (bathrooms to people of both sexes)


Bizzle Reveals The G

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