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The Christmas Show '08

It’s so easy in today’s economy to forget God and focus on everything else around us. Our careers, families and finances often force God to the back seat.

On top of that, the holidays become stressful as society tells us that a good holiday means spending loads of money on gifts for people who already have way more than they need.

So this Christmas, we want to focus on the Real reason for the season: Jesus Christ. This is done not just by putting a nativity set on our lawns, a Jesus is the Reason for the Season greeting on our voicemails or sending out our religious Christmas cards.

Let us stop sit back and really focus on the Lord Jesus Christ. Focus on the real reason he came in the form of baby some 2000+ years ago… Born to Die on a cross so the very sin that we committed today or yesterday, we won’t have to pay the penalty for. Sit back and get focused on the gospel message as it is relayed through these songs…

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• The Reason For The Season – Mr. & Mrs. DJ Wade-O
• I’m Blessed – K Drama
• Jesus is King – YPJ & the FVC
• Hark the Herald Angels Sing –Mary Mary
• Interlude I
• Don’t Waste Your Life – Lecrae feat Dwayne Tryumf & Cam
• I Call him G O D – Canton Jones
• Gimme Dat – The Ambassador
• Interlude II
• Identity – Lecrae feat. Da’ T.R.U.T.H. & JR
• Carol of the Bells – Mary Mary
• Interlude III
• Your Show – Michelle Bonilla
• Solar Powered – Brinson feat D. Maub
• Love & Grace – Lecrae feat Da’ T.R.U.T.H. & JR
• Interlude IV
• Hold On – Flame
• Come to Christ – Interlude V
• Search My Heart – Indigo
• Testify – shai linne
• Outro
• Live Free – Lecrae feat Sho Baraka & Jai

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