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The Christian Hip Hop Community Reacts to the Boston Marathon Explosions

The Christian Hip Hop Community Reacts to the Boston Marathon Explosions

Yesterday, Twitter and Facebook went berserk, as word began to spread that there were two massive explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. At press time, three people were pronounced dead and at least 140 were injured. The Christian Hip Hop community was awash with reactions on social media after the blasts. Here are the latest reactions from artists, label executives, pastors and leaders in the community.

Grammy-Award Winning Producer and 1/3 of the Watchman, J.R. was outraged:

Eshon Burgundy on the other hand was saddened:

 Reachlife Executive Director D.A. Horton urged his followers to take solace in the scriptures and prayer:‘s Steven Patton publically thanked God for keeping a family friend safe:

Boston native Applejaxx urged everyone to keep Boston in Prayer, as authorities figured out what was happening and first responders could help the wounded:

Jaxx also thanked concerned supporters who had checked on his well being:

Meanwhile Applejaxx wife, Trini, who works close to the epicenter of the attacks, provided real-time reaction to what she saw. She was one of the first to break the news:

The often-quoted Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, also urged his 300K Twitter followers to pray, before tweeting an article from a Mars Hill Pastor designed to help people cope with the tragedy.

Comedian Chris Williams called for more sincere prayer:

Chris Gray Boston Victims

Courtesy of @ChristionGray

Collision Records Christion Gray, who is 1/4 of the We Live as King’s Collective, agreed with Comedian Chris. As photos and videos began to flood Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, and go viral, Gray, sensed that people may be growing numb to these images despite the severity of the matter. He tweeted a wounded man hunched over and bleeding in an effort to encourage his followers to earnestly pray for the entire City of Boston.

Syndicated Radio personality and Youtube funny man Willie Moore Jr. showed his frustration before also advocating prayer for the victims as well as our nation:

Please continue to keep the victims and families in prayer. While many are indeed hurt, we are thankful that at this point, the fatalities aren’t as high as they could have been. Many of these families will be mentally and even spiritually affected for years after this, though. Pray that God will allow them to heal as best as possible.

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