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The Ambassador: “We Need Christians to Be Christian in Hip-Hop”


In Part 2 of our sit-down with The Ambassador (Watch Part 1 here), we get into the heart of why he feels the way he feels concerning believers in Hip-Hop. He also drops gem after gem of reasons to engage the culture for the cause of Christ.

[0:40] – Christian’s Embrace of Kendrick & Chance
[7:50] – Changes in the way the local church look
[9:00] – Going to church online IS NOT attending church
[10:50] – A message to people “attending” church online
[14:03] – Additional thoughts on the faith of Kendrick and Chance
[15:20] – “Christians sound alike”
[16:40] – “The centrality of Christ in conversion and conversion accounts”
[19:05] – Hip-Hop NEEDS Christians being Christian
[22:10] – The example of Jim Elliot and William Borden
[22:35] – “If you wanna go home, go home”
[25:14] – People who “leave” don’t really leave
[27:11] – Whoever is left should be under God’s command
[31:27] – Closing Remarks by The Ambassador

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Twitter/IG: @ambassador215 |

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