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The Ambassador Sets the Record Straight on Christians in Hip Hop


William “The Ambassador” Branch, of the iconic group, The Cross Movement, now a professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has a honest conversation with DJ Wade-O, about why he is passionate about the need for hip-hop artists that embrace EXPLICITLY Christian content when it comes to their music.

[2:05] – Parallels of the current conversation and The Tunnel Rats/Cross Movement conversation of the past
[4:07] – Explicitly Christian lyrics seem taboo now
[5:17] – Being Willing to Be Broke and doing CHH
[7:03] – Why People Feel He Thinks People Are in Sin for EXPLICITLY proclaiming Jesus in their songs.
[9:02] – Methodology illustration
[10:50] – Undiscipled Consumers
[11:40] – Should Christians address People/Medthodologies BY NAME in their Music?
[13:15] – Similarities between Ambassador’s last project, and shai linne’s current project
[14:15] – CHH is Fatherless
[15:33] – Hip-hop is a Marketplace
[16:58] – Difference between Mentioning Jesus and Proclaiming Jesus
[18:30] – “But They won’t listen if they don’t like it”

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