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The Ambassador and T. Black Talk Future of Xist Music


The Ambassador released the six-track EP Hors D’Oeuvres on Tuesday, August 20th, hitting online stores over two years after his last project, “Stop The Funeral,” and he voiced his displeasure with the hiatus to Wade-O Radio.

“The problem with this EP is it comes out so late, so after the fact of me making [the songs],” he said.

Xist Music announced in Nov. of 2012 that The Ambassador’s fifth solo album would be released on Mar. 26, 2013. The date arrived, but a new project did not.

The former Cross Movement member soon shifted his desire to release his full-length album, “Flame On,” to serving Hors D’Oeuvres. That still took longer than he had hoped.

“Labels have their concerns, artists have their concerns and sometimes the two don’t connect,” said The Ambassador. “All I can say is it took this long because labels have priorities and concerns and they govern their releases by how it fits into the structure of what they’re doing.”

Xist Music CEO T. Black also addressed the delay to Wade-O Radio. Black and Xist recently partnered with Malaco Music Group and parted ways with The Ambassador in the process.

“We have to work within [Malaco’s] system as a corporation even though we’re our own stand-alone company,” said Black. “The numbers didn’t add up for Duce [The Ambassador] to stay as an artist so he decided to do his own thing. The thing about Duce is he’s been doing it so long he has a right to say, ‘I want to do it this way.’ If we can’t fulfill that, it’s time to move on.”

The Ambassador is optimistic about his newfound freedom as an independent artist. He now has the flexibility to release music the way he wants to, something he claims artists surrender when signed to a record label.

“It’s good that I get a chance to actually run hard not only doing things I long to do, but do them the way I long to do them,” said The Ambassador. “That’s the compromise of an artist and a label is that the artist has to subject not only their vision but the means to accomplishing that vision to the strategy of the label … Now I get a chance to be free, and sort of steer the ship as I deem best.”

Despite the difference in The Ambassador and his former label’s vision on how to release his music, they separated on good terms. The Ambassador said that he’s thankful to Xist for being there for him after his breakup with Cross Movement Records. Black scoffed at the notion that there would be “beef” between the two sides.

“When I hear stuff about rumors, it’s coming from us,” said Black. “It’s coming from our peers in the industry and the cats that call themselves Christians. Are you serious right now? This is what you bring to the table? This is how we kingdom build? Lame. That’s what I call it. Lame.”

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