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Wade-O Radio Episode 267 – Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile Speaks


Christian Hip Hop Podcast:

One of the traits of God that the Bible makes clear is that He is a God of order. Within the Trinity, God The Father leads. Within the family unit, the Male leads. Within the church, the Pastor leads. As Christian Hip Hop continues to progress and advance, its important that we take into account the thoughts and ideas of Pastors to help us navigate the music, the ministry and even the message.

Tune in today as Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile, Sr. Pastor of the First Baptist Church in the Grand Cayman Islands and Together For the Gospel Council Member and Blogger joins Wade-O to discuss the Black Church and Christian Hip Hop.

We also play new music from Flame, Christon Gray, Isaac Carree and much more. Turn Up!

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Going In Mix

– “#1 Spot” – Flame
– “Loud Music” – Canon feat. Derek Minor
– “In My City” – Andy Mineo feat. Efrain

Mic Break: Shout to Everyone at SXSW 

– “Pump it Up FreeStyle” – Sho Baraka
– “Y.O.G.O. Freestyle” – Jin
– “iLOve (Walk on Water Mash)” – Trip Lee
– “Without God” – Da T.R.U.T.H.
– “Back to Reality” – Dre Murray feat. Alex Faith & Sean C. Johnson

Caribbean Gospel Pick of the Week: “Rescue” – Kristine Alicia

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HHH News Blast w/ Sketch

– “Long Way Down” – Christon Gray feat. Dre Murray

Thabiti speaks on the Black Church

– “Until I Pass Out” – Uncle Reece
– “Young Fly Saved – Pretty Willie feat. Canton Jones and D. Stone
– “Bitter” – Andy Mineo

Thabiti speaks on Christian Hip Hop

Wade’s Way Back Track: “Gimme Dat” – The Ambassador

Wade’s World Wide Top 5: March’s Hottest Christian Hip Hop Songs

– #5: “Ready AIM” – Mali Music
– #4: “Say” – Skrip feat. Andy Mineo

Mic Break: Shout to Skrip and Mali

– #3: “Clean This House” – Issac Carree
– #2: “I’m Not Perfect (I’m a Christian)” – Dee-1
– New Joint of the Week: “Change Me” – Immeasurable

Mic Break: New Group Immeasurable

– #1: “YHWH” – WLAK feat. Swoope, Dre Murray, Alex Faith & Christon Gray

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HHH News Blast w/ Sketch

The Mix of the Week

– “Snap Off” – Thi’sl feat. Ad3
– “Grizz” – Benjah feat. God’s Servant & Canon
– “When the Lights Come On” – Jin feat. Joseph Vincent
– “Angels” – KB feat. Flame
– “One Sixteen (Angels Mash-Up)” – Trip Lee feat. Andy Mineo & KB
– “Let There Be Light” – Andy Mineo feat. Lecrae
– “Ayo!” – Andy Mineo
– “Well Done” – Sean C. Johnson

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Thought of the Week 


What Is Your Favorite Song from This Week’s Show?

Thabiti Anyabwile: F
Flame #1 Spot: Full

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