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Testimony: A Musician’s Story – TJ Pompeo


Testimony: A Musician’s Story is an audio-biography series that features various Christian artists. It tells their story through interviews and their music. It’s hosted by our friend Gaelika Brown aka Brown Theory.

The Jack of all musical trades, TJ Pompeo, opens up about struggling with his identity, confronting his childhood sexual molester, and the decision to make songs about race and sex on his debut EP Pompeiio. Listen to this weeks episode Testimony: A Musician’s Story now.

00:31 – Pompeiio
03:05 – Fairytales
04:51 – Remember When
07:04 – Roots
11:13 – Roots
16:07 – Next Time
18:15 – Shots Fired
19:53 – Feelin’ A Way
25:06 – Bare Trap
28:30 – King Without a Queen

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New Music: Canon - "
New Music: Kaleb Mit

Gaelika Brown is a graduate of Texas Southern University. She has degrees in both acting and broadcast journalism. Brown utilizes her background to produce her show Testimony: A Musician's Story. Follow her @brown_theory

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