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Testimony: A Musician’s Story – Gemstones: ‘Blind Elephant’


Testimony: A Musician’s Story is an audio-biography series that features various Christian artists. It tells their story through interviews and their music. It’s hosted by our friend Gaelika Brown aka Brown Theory

Aliens, illuminati, suicide, and God? Those are just a few of the topics the under-rated rapper from Chicago discuses in his highly anticipated debut album Blind Elephant.

It has been a long time since Gemstones was working side by side with Lupe Fiasco, now he is on a mission to save souls while being a lyrical miracle. Journey with Gemstones as he speaks candidly about his almost divorce and Blind Elephant.

Featured Songs:
00:28 – Mama
01:35 – Break Every Chain
05:57 – Press Harder
09:09 – Don’t Let Me Fall
10:52 – Quick Go In
12:28 – Believe
13:22 – Lyrical Miracle
16:15 – New World
18:22 – New World
20:11 – Temple
22:31 – Temple
24:05 – Almost Home
24:52 – Circles
28:12 – Rapture

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Gaelika Brown is a graduate of Texas Southern University. She has degrees in both acting and broadcast journalism. Brown utilizes her background to produce her show Testimony: A Musician's Story. Follow her @brown_theory

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