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Testimony: A Musician’s Story – Chad Jones

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Testimony: A Musician’s Story is an audio-biography series that features various Christian artists. It tells their story through interviews and their music. It’s hosted by our friend Gaelika Brown aka Brown Theory.

Being born to a drug addicted mother whom he never knew, could have easily defined Chad Jones.  Although, he wrestled with wanting to live his life thee way he wanted to, and not the way God intended, he eventually gave his life to Christ.  Listen to his testimony and download his EP Keep Up on iTunes now.

In this interview, Chad Jones talks about:

  • [1:26] – Growing up with older adoptive parents
  • [3:56] – Hanging around people with different value systems than how he    was raised
  • [5:34] – Perfecting his rap skills
  • [7:50] – Meeting his biological dad for the first and only time
  • [10:34] – Choosing to do nothing with his life
  • [12:26] – Mom being a drug addict
  • [14:07] – Meeting his biological mom for the first time
  • [16:42] – How his son changed his life
  • [22:17] – BJ teaching him about the importance of community
  • [23:45] – Hooking up with Derek Minor and Canon
  • [27:40] – What his EP title Keep Up stands for
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Gaelika Brown is a graduate of Texas Southern University. She has degrees in both acting and broadcast journalism. Brown utilizes her background to produce her show Testimony: A Musician's Story. Follow her @brown_theory

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