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Ever thought about how important it was to have others to work with? We most need others when you’ve run out of creative ideas; you can’t think of an alternative for the problem; you have gotten tired; when you can’t handle it all alone; when you realized public speaking, singing, Microsoft Excel or something of the sort isn’t your strong point. Never forget to use teamwork! We all are here for each other. Have you realized how many talents you actually have?

It’s so easy to point out the things we can’t do or fail at, but have you realized what actual capacity, aptitude, and special abilities God has blessed you with? 1 Corinthians 12:20-25 explains that no matter what your talent or gifting is, the Kingdom of God needs it. As the body of Christ, we can’t do our best without you! Each person is valuable, and their gifting is essential in order for us to reach the lost and spread the gospel to our fullest potential.

Look throughout the Bible to see who allowed their gifts to be used. Solomon solved disputes with his wisdom; Paul used his ability to travel (which he was using to persecute Christians by the way) to plant churches; Miriam was a singer that led the children of Israel into praise and worship; David played the harp to soothe Saul’s spirit; Jesus used His story-telling ability to share with others a much deeper point. Look deep within yourself to find what you have a passion for and what you enjoy doing then use it for the service of God’s people and the up-building of the Kingdom. (1 Peter 4:10) No gift or talent is less than the other. It’s only inferior to someone else’s when you don’t use it.

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Rasheda Likely, originally from Pensacola, FL, finds joy in authoring bi-weekly devotional blogs, spearheading advertising efforts, and serving as secretary for The Wade-O Radio Team. While being on the TWORS team, she successfully completed a Bachelors of Science in Biology and began her studies for a Masters of Science degree in Biology. Rasheda looks forward to impacting the lives of others through the ministry of TWORS the way TWORS has impacted hers.

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