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#TeamWadeORadio’s Favorite CHH Punchlines


“Back in the day I was a lunch line rapper / after that I guess I was a punchline rapper / Then I got saved, and sometime after / your boy came back as a frontline rapper / and when I say the front lines / that’s not a front line / I’m out here preaching Christ on the Front lines!”

–Lecrae “After the Music Stops”

If there is anything that we remember when it comes to a 3-mintue track, it is a good punchline. Punchlines are what fans quote and play back several times to make sure they caught what the artist was trying to articulate. Lyricism and creativity is key to putting across a solid hitting punchline.

With that in mind, our team came up with a list of our personal favorite punchlines from some of our favorite CHH artists. Checkout #TeamWadeORadio’s Favorite CHH Punchlines. Here are some artists who K.O.’d their punchlines.

Click Each Person’s Name to Skip to their Favorite Punchlines:

Jacob Titus – Breaking News Editor
Craig Walkine – Video Editor
DJ Wade-O – The Boss
Sketch the Journalist – Columnist & On-Air News Updates
Daniel aka DRoyul – Album Reviewer & Lead Producer
Aubrey McKay – Album Reviewer
Branden Murphy – Album Reviewer
Mikaela aka Laide Mak – Managing Editor

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