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New Podcast!! #WadeO394 – Tony Tillman In Camden

Real talk, Tony Tillman’s Camden is one of the Top 5 albums in Christian Rap this year. We talk to him today about what made him get so transparent on his new album.

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Marty Mar “Marty For President” Full Interview

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Marty of Social Club calls in to talk about his new EP "Marty For President.

In our interview. We spoke with Marty about:

#WadeO393 – Marty For President

We’re over a year away from the Presidential elections, but Marty of Social Club has already declared his candidacy. The misfit front man calls in to discuss his debut retail EP.

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Social Club May Be Signing a Record Deal With a Major Label

The Misfits may be finally fitting in.

In a passionate interview on The Wade-O Radio Show Podcast scheduled to air this weekend, Marty of Social Club stated that he and Fern are on the verge of potentially signing a major record deal.

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#WadeO392 – Justice for All

Wade-O has a special conversation today with Pastor Thabiti about Justice and how he became a Christian after practicing Islam for many years.

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Top 10 Christian Hip Hop Albums from the First Half of 2015

2015 started off strong. We have seen highly anticipated debuts, veterans showing why they are veterans, off the radar artists making an impact and possibly even a few classics. The Wade-O review team has come together and have compiled a list of the Top 10 Albums so far this year.

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#WadeO391 – August Going in Mix + Thi’sl Interview

We keep the summer scorching this week with the August Going in Mix. Plus, we talk to Thi’sl about his new project Heavy is the Head.

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Surf Gvng Announces Release Date, Cover Art, & Tracklist for New Project #SGOET

Miami, FL duo Surf Gvng have revealed the release date for their newest EP #SGOET (SURF GVNG ON ERTHANG), as well as the cover art and tracklisting for it. #SGOET drops on August 11, 2015. Stay tuned to for all singles and news related to the release, and check out the project art below, and Read More →

New Music: Surf Gvng – “Spark A Prayer”

Artist: Surf Gvng Song: "Spark A Prayer" Producer: Rev Mizz EP: #SGOET EP Release Date: August 2015 Surf Gvng recently released the 2nd single from their upcoming EP titled #SGOET. The song talks about the artist's desire to "Spark A Prayer for the boys on the block." In case you aren't familiar with Surf Gvng, stay tuned for Read More →

#WadeO389 – Wade-O Radio Is Grateful

We talk to Ray, the man behind Grateful Apparal about how the company started and why he does what he does. Plus, we blast off the 10 hottest joints out right now in Wade’s World Wide Top 10. And new music from Sho Baraka and Flame.

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#WadeO388 – Flame is Moving Forward

Flame calls in to talk about his new album Forward. The CHH vet believes this is the most important album of his career.

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#WadeO387 – Confederate Flags, Chris Broussard and NBA Free Agency

A lot happened this week. We discuss the Confederate Flag coming down in South Carolina. Chris Broussard vs Bomani Jones and the craziness that was NBA Free Agency.

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#WadeO386 – The July Going in Mix

It’s July. So you know what that means. I set the Holiday weekend off with the July Going in Mix, on the turntables for hours 1 and 3 doing what I do best.

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#WadeO385 – Best of Wade-O Radio 4

D.Royul takes the reigns of the show again and plays clips from the highly rated interview with HOGMOB's Sevin, with Wade-O Radio show produce D.Royul

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#WadeO384 – Best of Wade-O Radio 3

With the events that in Charleston, South Carolina, D.Royul takes the reigns and plays some classic mixes and interviews with Derek Minor and Shaun King.

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