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Today’s New Releases: Hazakim Returns with New Album ‘Son of Man’

Today's new release in Christian Hip Hop comes from veteran Lampmode duo Hazakim. Find links to purchase plus a press release statement about the project below:

Son of Man by Hazakim

Lampmode Recordings


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Bible Break: 10 Great Scripture Stories In Rap

Rappers retelling Bible stories - it’s what many people who don’t listen to the music think about when they hear the term “Christian hip hop.” We know it’s not exclusively (or even mostly) that, but it’s also a type of song ideally suited to members of this community of faith. Christian Read More →

Clear Sight Music Signs St. Louis Rapper Mike REAL

PRESS RELEASE STATEMENT: Clear Sight Music, (St. Louis, MO): Grammy-nominated artist, Flame, signs a new artist to his boutique label, Clear Sight Music. Hip-hop artist Mike REAL will join the Clear Sight Music roster which currently houses artists Flame and V.Rose. Mike REAL was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He Read More →

New Video: Hazakim – “Kingdom Come” feat. J. Williams

Artist: Hazakim feat. J. Williams Song: Kingdom Come Album: Son of Man Album Release Date: September 23, 2014 Label: Lampmode Recordings Hazakim's new album is only a few weeks away, and today we get a look at the first music video from the project. "Kingdom Come" highlights the pain of a world that doesn't acknowledge God Read More →

#WadeO329: Maya Angelou, Uncle Reece & New Music

This week, we remember the life and legacy of civil rights leader, activist, author, poet and all around phenomenal woman, Maya Angelou.

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Album Review: shai linne – Lyrical Theology Part 2: Doxology

All views presented in this Album Review are those of the reviewer and not of DJ Wade-O.

As the Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) movement has grown, the need has arisen for songs and hymns to reach and serve the urban church.Artists and leaders driving the movement have been used by God to plant churches all Read More →

#WadeO328: The Memorial Weekend Show feat. Cho’zyn Boy & V Rose

Tune in this week as we start the summer off right. DJ Cho’zyn Boy joins us for the Still Going in Mix while we talk to V Rose about her new album during the second hour.

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Top 10 Songs Packed With Lyrical Theology

One of my favorite things about Christian hip hop is that it has the ability to actually educate the believer. There are songs that are great for concerts and dancing, but there are also songs that can make you think, reflect, and learn. Theology is simply the study of God or Read More →

Shai Linne: How 2 Parties Changed Him

To an 18-year-old Shai Linne, you’d have to be high on LSD to think he'd become a Christian hip-hop pioneer and release an album titled Lyrical Theology Pt. II: Doxology. Linne loved hip hop. But he would’ve regarded the subgenre of Christian hip hop an oxymoron, if he had any awareness Read More →

New Video: shai linne – “Come, Lord Jesus, Come” feat. Joint Heirs

Artist: shai linne Featured Artist: Joint Heirs Song: "Come, Lord Jesus, Come" Album: Lyrical Theology Pt. 2: Doxology Album Release Date: May 20, 2014 Label: Lampmode Recordings In advance of shai linne's newest release, Lampmode Recordings has dropped a new typography video for "Come, Lord Jesus, Come" featuring Joint Heirs. The song is featured Read More →

shai linne’s 10 Things You Should Know About ‘LT2′

shai linne made a rare appearance on Twitter today to share 10 things we should know about his upcoming album Lyrical Theology 2: Doxology. The album is expected to be different than a typical rap album, geared towards worship music useful in an urban context. The album is expected for release Read More →

New Video: shai linne – “Be Glorified (Psalm 55)”

Artist: shai linne Feature: Chris Lee Cobbins Song: Be Glorified (Psalm 55) Produced by: Wes Pendleton Album: Lyrical Theology Part 2: Doxology Album Release Date: May 20, 2014 Lampmode Recordings emcee shai linne recently dropped the video for "Be Glorified" off his upcoming album Lyrical Theology 2: Doxology. The album is shai's offering to Read More →

The Making of shai linne’s first music video: ‘Be Glorified (Psalm 55)’

Lampmode Recordings has released a behind the scenes look at the making of shai linne's first music video, for his new song "Be Glorified (Psalm 51)."  shai is no stranger to the CHH community as he has released 5 critically acclaimed albums.  He also released the controversial song Read More →

shai linne ‘Doxology Intro’ Lyric Video

Press Release:
Lamp Mode Recordings artist shai linne releases Doxology Intro, off of his upcoming album entitled Lyrical Theology Part 2: Doxology. Setting the stage for the album, he defines what Doxology is, how it's related to Theology, and in doing so prepares the audience on it's importance. Watch and listen to Read More →

Lamp Mode Recordings announce the ‘Hold ‘Em High’ Concert Series

PRESS RELEASE STATEMENT: LAMP MODE RECORDINGS AND SOUNDVISION ENTERTAINMENT PRESENT THE 'HOLD 'EM HIGH' CONCERT SERIES A few of the Lamp Mode Brothers are coming to the West Coast to encourage you to Hold 'Em High. Lamp Mode's shai linne, Json, S.O., & God's Servant will be hitting several cities on the Read More →