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#Wade445 – DJ Official Tribute

The community has grieved all week over the sudden passing of Cross Movement and Reach Records’ DJ DJ Official. The father, husband and former road DJ for Lecrae and before that Cross Movement had over 200 song placements on Christian Rap projects over the years.

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Video: S.O. – “Right Here, Right Now”

Image: Lamp Mode Recordings Youtube

Artist: S.O. Song: "Right Here, Right Now" Album: So it Ends Label: Lamp Mode Recordings Lamp Mode Recordings artist S.O. releases the official video for his song "Right Here, Right Now," from his 2015 release So it Ends Lamp Mode Video Description: The Scouts Honor Media Read More →

#Wade419 – 116 and Glory

We talk to GS about his controversial track 116 and his impending tour with Bizzle, Sevin and Datin. And Kriss Liss calls in to discuss about her hit record Glory.

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#Wade412 – Wade-O Unveils the New Format

It’s a new year, and never one to rest on our laurels, we’ve revamped the show a bit. But don’t freak out. I still have mixes galore, plus the the best countdown anywhere.

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Best of 2015: Album Awards

It is that time again, where we close out the year with our Best of 2015 Awards. In our Best of Awards, geared towards all of the projects that have dropped this year, we take a look at the best lyrical album, conceptual album, slept on album, and more. With our nominations, Read More →

Top Christian Hip Hop Albums from the Second Half of 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, we cannot enter a new year without acknowledging the great amount of projects that were released in the second half of the year. We were given a lot of solid projects, that it was difficult to narrow down our list to 10.

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#Wade408 – B. Reith is Back!

Fresh off of a 3 year hiatus, B. Reith joins us to preview new music and discuss what he’s been up to since we last heard from the singer, songwriter/ rapper.

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New Video: Serene – “Take It All” feat. S.O. & Beleaf

Artist: Serene Featured Artists: Beleaf & S.O. Song: "Take It All" Producer: GP Album: Different Strokes II: Mending Broken Strings EP (iTunes | Amazon | Google Play) Album Release Date: May 4th 2015 London artist Serene continues to build on his last release Different Strokes Read More →

#Wade406 – Thanksgiving Going in Mix

God is good. 9 years ago we started this ministry and have tried to remain faithful to God’s call ever since. We celebrate 9 years of the Wade-O Radio Show with Thanksgiving Going in Mix.

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#Wade405 – Seasons Change

Black Knight and TJ Pompeo join us to discuss their life transitions. Black Knight has a new name, Brvndon P and TJ Pompeo is back to being indy as he has parted ways with Mixes Bag Entertainment.

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#Wade404 – November Going in Mix + J. Monty

10 Months down. We open November with the always fun, November going in mix. Lots of new music, mash-ups and even classic

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New Video: S.O. – “The Crew/Judah’s Verse” feat. Serene & Json

Artist: S.O. Featured Artists: Serene & Json Song: "The Crew/Judah's Verse" Album: So It Ends (iTunes | Amazon | Lampmode) Album Release Date: October 16, 2015 Label: Lampmode Recordings


Lamp Mode Recordings artist S.O. recently released a video for his song The Crew/Judah’s Verse – featured on his recently Read More →

#Wade403 – Dark Matters, Surrender and Bloodlines

Another Big show today. Bizzle calls in to talk about his new album Surrender and the God Over Money Movement. While Alex Faith also calls in to discuss his latest, Bloodlines and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

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#Wade402 – Radikal Nation and Reviving The Black Church

Big show today. We talk to Pastor Thabiti Anywbwile about how to revive the Black Church, as he has a new book on this subject. Plus, Radical Hughes calls in to discuss his Radikal Nation movement.

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Testimony: A Musician’s Story – S.O.

Testimony: A Musician’s Story is an audio-biography series that features various Christian artists. It tells their story through interviews and their music. It’s hosted by our friend Gaelika Brown aka Brown Theory. Nigerian-born and London-raised rapper S.O., is known for his emotional lyrics about his life experiences. Listen to Read More →